View Full Version : Lead 175 SWC or 180 TC Combined Deer/Hog Load?

September 1, 2001, 03:36 PM
From what people are telling me, the SWCs get much better penetration and in lead raw sheer velocity.

In my Glock 20 or my SW 610 with a 6" barrel, with AA9 I can work ups some 1320 fps loads with a 180 TC for 696 fpe. With a 175 SWC, only 657 fpe.

I know my G20 will feed truncated cones but question whether it will feed SWCs. The 610 will eat it all but the TC will shoot in both.

Best load for a G20 or a SW 610 revolver for a combo hog and deer load?

Art Eatman
September 1, 2001, 11:55 PM
It's not uncommon to get very close to hogs, in thick country. It helps to be both accurate and quick; the latter becomes important if you merely aggravate your intended dinner.

Many states have a minimum requirement of 1,000 ft-lbs of muzzle energy for deer hunting.

Skill level and common sense about effective range are of greater importance when hunting with a handgun, compared to almost any "real" rifle cartridge.

Personal opinion--not being a handgun hunter--but, I think I'd go with either a .44 Maggie or a .45 Colt were I serious about hogs or deer.



September 2, 2001, 10:51 AM
At least in Washington, the Dept of Wildlife dropped caliber limitations on deer hunting. Still must use a high pwoer rifle on elk. So I can't pull out the 44 mag Redhawk for elk.

But the Commission dropped the caliber not because of wounded animals. Many hunters were packing 9mms, 40SWs, and 45 ACP handguns CCW for protection and the Commission wanted to make it legal for that type of carry.

Now they only require a firearm with at least a 4" barrel.

If I work up my batch right, I should be able to get 700 fpe in a 10mm Glock.

The 357 Mag, if I remeber correctly, is in that range.

Isn't that enough with good shot placement?

Apparently the large hogs aren't as tasty so I'd only be aiming for hogs up to 125 pounds or knee high at the shoulders. Meat only shooting. Head, breast shield, or shoulders to heart shots.

Who uses their Glock 20, Glock 29, SW 610, or other 10mm to go hog and deer hunting?

1911A1 fan
September 4, 2001, 02:50 AM
jt, I don't know how big the hogs are were your at, but if they are much bigger that Javallina you should keep the 10 mm at home. Deer would be OK out to about 50 yrds or so. But hogs are mean SOBs and got bigger teeth than you do! I don't use anything smaller than a .41 mag with 210gr. SWCs @ 1100 fps. Hope this helps good luck and stay safe.

Art Eatman
September 4, 2001, 08:13 AM
Considerin' that shot placement is pretty important, even with an '06...:)

If you're confident of your shooting, it'll probably work out okay. For handgun hunting, I tend toward the "more is better" school of thought--but lotsa guys have killed lotsa game with a .357 or equivalent.

My uncle used to work his cattle on an old MilSurp Harley 45, with a 1911 in a holster on the handlebar. He collected a couple of deer with it. Of course, he was one of those who could spin clothespins with a Lilliput .25.

:), Art

September 7, 2001, 08:39 AM
Personally, I would use separate loads for deer and hogs.

For the deer I would use a well constructed JHP (like the Hornady XTP) that expands well in soft bodied animals but tough enough and heavy enough to fully penetrate with a shoulder shot. You need more tissue damage and shock with deer or they will run to the next county.

For hogs, I would jump up to a 200 grain bullet and try and find one in a LBT style, but I don't know if they are available in 10 mm. The TC bullets will work because on hogs you want the most penetration possible.

A lot of people will say that the S&W 610 is the best launching platform for the 10mm in a hunting handgun. This gun will take the loads that you need to get those high velocities. Damn I wish I had one of my own, someday!! I would take the Glock as back up on your hog hunt. A lot more bullets to shoot at a charging hog.

This is just my opinion from experience and from what I have read. Take everything with a grain of salt and do what you think is best for you. Happy hunting and let us know what you choose.


September 7, 2001, 03:32 PM
Thanks guys!

November 20, 2002, 03:35 PM
I don't use anything smaller than a .41 mag with 210gr. SWCs @ 1100 fps

So a 10mm with a 200 grain XTP at 1,250 fps or 200 grain WFN Beartooth bullet @ 1,350 should be fine then... :D