View Full Version : moss 500 or Rem 870 express

August 31, 2001, 09:33 PM
I'm looking to buy my first shotgun and I am considering the mossberg 500 and the Remington 870 express. Which one is better for the money.

Captain Bligh
September 1, 2001, 12:44 AM
Having looked at both, I think they're both good shotguns and it comes down to a matter of preference. Any choice you make will not be wrong.

Having said that, I chose an 870. My reasons were that I prefer the trigger guard mounted safety (although many others like Mossberg's safety on the top of the receiver). I also use a shotgun for some stealthy hunting situations. The Mossberg has a loose fitting fore-end that rattles around and makes noise. The Remington is much tighter and quieter.

I've been happy with my choice. Either way, I'll guess you'll be happy with yours.