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August 29, 2001, 07:48 AM
:D hey, fellas, do you like huntin'?

August 29, 2001, 07:54 AM
For PCs I have only annular fingers, and manage put one photo a time. fortunately I operate rifles a little beter.:o

cuerno de chivo
August 29, 2001, 03:43 PM
COOL! What kind of rifle did you use?

August 29, 2001, 04:27 PM
The rifle is a sporterized mauser 98 - brazilian import from DWM, mod.1908, with a commercial barrel of 24", Timney trigger, ramline stock and a Tasco fixed 4x scope.
Caliber - 7x57 mauser
ammo - 1 handload of 175 gr. hornadys psp + IMR 3031=2450 fps, in chamber, followed by 3 162 gr. solids also + 3031=2650 fps. in magazine.
zeroed at 100 yds.
one shot at 30 yds did the job.(between eyes)
luck and health.:)

August 29, 2001, 06:14 PM
Not familiar with waterbuffalos. Are they game & trophy animals in Brazil? How's the meat?
Only ones I've see were in SE Asia and they were usually pulling carts.

August 29, 2001, 08:16 PM
there are a few subspecies of waterbuffalo, some relatively easy to tame, others not. In northern Brazil and other south american countries like Argentina and Bolivia these less 'tamable' breeds are trophy game, in Argentina mainly. Those in Brazil are the result of some unsuccessful enterprises of raising them about seventy years ago. They showed to be of the 'untamable' kind, and grew wild, living into dense rain forests. Lately they have grown in numbers. Now they are hunted mainly because they kill cattle, horses and livestock when disputing territory during the dry season. Their meet is very good eating.