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August 27, 2001, 09:27 PM
Need some good loads for my new 1100. I was told that I should load only Chilled Magnum shot to get more range. If so what choke should I use.

I have some win WAA12-12 wads, need powder, I have regular lead #8, plenty of shells.

I have used Universal Clays, mainly for Cowboy Action shooting, don't know if I should stay with that or go onto another powder.

suggestions please.


Dave McC
August 28, 2001, 06:16 AM
If I get to go dove hunting this year, I'll use a trap reload right from the Hodgdon's manual. It'll have hard 7 1/2 "Magnum" shot.Unless I hit into a flyway,it'll be choked Modified or Full,depending on range.I might even take my trap gun, just to see how we do on feathers.

If I chase quail, I'll go with cheap, soft 8s and a Skeet tube.

I use Clays, and would recommend it for targets and stuff we can shoot well with target loads. For pheasants and waterfowl, it's factory loads.

I'm not sure about your wads. There's a WAA12, a WAA12SL, and a coupla others. Be SURE you have the right one for the recipe.

BTW, Claybuster clones of the Winchesters have given me very good results.

August 28, 2001, 06:59 AM
"Magnum" Shot usually means that the shot has a higher content of Antimony. This makes the shot harder and more resisant to deformation in it's journey down the barrel.

"Chilled" shot usually means the shot has less Antimony and thus is softer and more prone to deformation.

Deformed shot produces "flyers" in the shot pattern. Flyers are pellets that do not fly normally and produce larger patterns. The softer the shot the larger the pattern, which is good for close shots but bad for long shots.

I have never heard or seen Chilled Magnum shot, which would be a contradiction in terminology, but than I wouldn't be surprised to learn that someone somewhere does make "Chilled Magnum"

I personally find Lawrence Brand "magnum" to be the best overall for long shots. With West Coast a close second.

The Peruvian stuff is generall soft no matter what the bag says:)

Geoff Ross

August 29, 2001, 11:18 AM
UC is good for heavy loads of 1-1/8oz or heavier. Hodgdon has lots of data for it on their web page. www.hodgdon.com
I like Clays with a WAA12SLfor lighter loads (1oz and under). For 1-1/8 I use Fed hulls and 12S3 wads with Green Dot (cause I don't have any UC). What kind of hulls do you have? AA's?
Geoff: Peruvian? Which brand is that? Around here all we have is Lawrence and Starshot. I usually can only find the chilled versions of those two.

Dave McC
August 29, 2001, 01:59 PM
A coupla small things....

I've been using the West Coast "Magnum" shot with good results.It's a buck cheaper/bag than Lawrence and seems to be of similar quality and hardness.

The Claybuster 1100 wad is a clone of the WAA12SL one, and works for me. Cheaper, of course. Call their 800-922-6287 T/F number and they'll give you a sample 25 wads to try.

I use AA hulls, if I'm out of Remingtons. Much as I like the AA target loads, the red hulls do not stand up to repeated reloads like they used to. Nor do they stand up to the STS hulls. If I get 4 reloads out of the red AAs, I'm doing good.Some split after the very first firing. I tend to get scared of the STS hulls after 8 and trash them. They could still be used a couple more times, but why chance it?

BTW, components do interchange between the two nicely, but stick with the loads in the manuals.

August 29, 2001, 02:00 PM
If you look at the bag you will find that "Starshot" brand shot is produced in Peru. Quality of the shot varies and even if it says "Magnum" it is probably soft.

I like to use Remington TGT12 wads for 1 ounce loads in STS & Nitro 27 hulls. They are green Fig 8 wads and work very well. I find they give tighter patterns than the WAA12sl and clones.

My fav recipe is Rem sts hull, TGT12 wad , rem 209 primer and 17.5gr 700X using Lawrence Magnum shot. I usually use with #8 shot for sporting clays.

Geoff Ross