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4V50 Gary
August 27, 2001, 07:33 PM
Went to the range today to practice and set up a paper target for myself. Then two deputies came out with their new rifles. One had an AR which he put together and another had a FN-FAL type rifle.

Well, the AR man wasn't really an armorer so he asked the rangemaster to inspect it. The rangemaster deferred to me and I did a function check. Also opened it up and looked inside. Tried the disconnector and it sprung back sharply. Checked the assembly of the bolt and noted that one of the hex keys wasn't staked that well. Apart from not having any headspace gauges (hey, I came to have fun, not to work), I gave him the green light and helped him sight in. We played with the sights and had him in the black in no time.

The deputy with the FN proved more challenging. No ejection. Well, at least it's Calif. legal since it's a straight pull bolt weapon. Checked the ejector and it was in place and should have worked fine. I marked the bolt and the receiver with a couple of lines drawn with a grease pencil. This would help me discern the movement of the bolt when he fired. It moved only slightly. Aha! It's a FN with an adjustable gas port. Adjust it I suggest. He does and with each successive shot, has to pull the bolt back. I suggested that he clean it and make sure nothing was fouling the gas tube or piston. This he does and again it would not function in semi-auto mode.

We returned to the range shack and I had him disassemble it. At that point, I noticed that the gas port was inserted wrong and in the shut off position. He then reassembled it under my supervision and we returned to the firing line. It worked and like his buddy, he was now a happy camper and both were plinking away. Darn if I didn't ruin a potential purchase at a great price.

Freed, it was my turn to shoot and so it went with the strong hand, weak hand, as well as shooting from the ground. Overall, a fine day at the range.

Jamie Young
August 30, 2001, 09:08 PM
I have only fired about 480rd threw my FAL and I have yet to have a perfect day at the range. I kept forgetting to adjust the gas ( I never fired a FAL until I bought one). I kept thinking the Gun was jamming but it "wasn't picking up the next round" not quite a jam. I had a pretty nasty blow out that blew out a mag last month and just two weeks ago my FAL kept sticking cases. Other than the blow out, not adjusting the gas right was my problem. I just keep forgetting :rolleyes:

I'm always the guy that has people crowding around him to help me fix some bizzare problem. In May, my gunsmith installed a muzzle brake on my Mini 14 wrong, and when I took it to the range, my rounds hit 3ft low at 100yds.

I have heard plenty of people swear at their guns and almost throw them in the trash. I felt bad for one guy that had a Black Powder rifle. It was his first time shooting one and the gun just wouldn't fire. I told him I thought the nipple was clogged and told him where to go to get the gun cleaned out. It always nice to have somebody at the range that knows something you don't know:)

September 1, 2001, 05:57 PM
These FAL stories are another reason I like my HK91 better. The only problem I've had was I put the case buffer on but didn't make sure it was snapped all the way into the rear of the ejection port. It caused a double feed jam when the spent brass was kicked back into the chamber casehead first! Cleared the jam, double checked the buffer, cussed myself for my mistake and continued to shoot. Haven't had a bad day yet, or a problem since. (Well, not with the rifle anyway!;) )

George Hill
September 1, 2001, 08:39 PM
Right, the FAL assempled wrong makes all FALs FUBAR... :rolleyes:
ANY GUN assembled wrong will be screwed up... Even your HK91.

The FAL is a FANTASTIC weapon that has a brilliant design. Ergo is its only shortcoming... but once its on your shoulder and your hammering at your targets - its WONDERFUL. That FAL will shoot ALL DAY long with out a hitch.

Jamie Young
September 2, 2001, 05:33 PM
I think the FAL fails when I have to raise it up onto my shoulder. If I only had to fire it from the waist I'd rather have that than an M1A. I really like the charging handle on the left rather than the right side but I hate the short stock. Its as bad as all the Russian rifles out there.