View Full Version : Sellier & Bellot for sporting clays

August 25, 2001, 09:22 PM
I got the S&B sporting clays in from Cabella's the other day and finally got out to the range with them. After warming up on stations 1,2 and 6,8 I shot a 20/25 which is a little better than ussual 18/25. They are 1 1/8-7 1/2 shells but the box doesn't include the Dram. Eq. I usually shoot with Remington heavy dove 1 1/8-8. One thing I did notice is that they seem to kick a tad more than the Remington HD's. But that is pretty subjective.
I was reading in the Shotgun Report Archive that muzzle velocity is not very critical. The Techoid calculated the the difference in lead between and 1150 fps shot and an 1300 fps shot on a crossing shot to be about 7 or 8 inches. On an angled shot the difference is even less. Anyway, the jist of the article was to concern yourself with pattern inside a 23" circle much more than getting there a little faster. He gave some pretty good info. about the importance of the number of pellets
between the 21" and 24" circles.
One other thing the S&B shells are made in the Czech Republic.

Al Thompson
August 26, 2001, 07:40 AM
Several of my dove hunting fanatic friends really like the S&B loads. These guys buy by the case and can afford what ever they want, so seems like another plus for S&B to me..


September 29, 2001, 12:58 PM
Tried the S&B field loads out this past weekend on dove the only problem was with all the rain we have had recently in S. TX., there weren't many dove flying. So we got out the clay thrower and shot a couple boxes of clays. I fired several boxes of shells and what impressed me was how clean my barrel and gas chamber were when I went to clean my shotgun. Anyway, I like these S&B loads, and at 3.99 a box I think I will order more from Cabella's.