View Full Version : Hog Hunting Comes To Washington/Oregon!!!

August 22, 2001, 07:22 PM
Well, only three hours away near Shelton and Matlock. And not a hard drive from Portland too.

Any Western Washington/Portland area TFLers up for some hog hunting?

Called the Department of Wildlife and the species is completely unregulated. Baiting with corn allowed. Trapping allowed and so on.

I want some pork!!!!

The local sporting good store states about 50 hogs have been harvested since April. They were very nice and will give us leads. Farmers call down to the store regularly reporting hog activity and requesting hunters.

I've got my 10mms and 44 mag Redhawk ready to go but don't have a truck.

Who wants to go before the October 5th deer season opener?

Email me.