View Full Version : Winchester mod 1300 good or bad?

August 19, 2001, 12:02 PM
What do you think of the Winchester Model 1300 pump 12 Gauge?

August 19, 2001, 03:14 PM
Thanks, why didn't I think of that. :D

August 19, 2001, 03:54 PM

August 19, 2001, 06:22 PM
I think the Winchester 1300 Defender, and the 1300 action across the board, is the best pump gun bar none. It will feed anything from Aguilla 1" Mini Shells to 3" Turkey Magnums without fail. Remingtons and Mossbergs can be fixed so they will do this, but they won't do it as they come from the factory except for a few.

August 19, 2001, 06:26 PM
I have had a 1200, ancestor to the 1300, since 62 and it works fine.

August 20, 2001, 09:20 PM
I couldn't be more pleased with my 1300. The build quality and smoothness of action are far superior to the other 12s I've owned.
My rifles have been neglected since I aquired my 1300.

Dave McC
August 20, 2001, 09:52 PM
Worst thing I can say about the 1200s, which we had as duty weapons is that they didn't hold up to the abuse tower weapons get and needed to be clean to be reliable. The 1300s are not much different, TTBOMK.

For those of us that don't drop shotguns 30 feet onto concrete and know what Hoppe's #9 and CLP is for, the whole series is a bunch of good shotguns.

While I confess to being an unabashed 870 fan, every privately owned Winchester pump I've shot has done everything it should.

August 20, 2001, 10:52 PM
I had excellent luck with the two Winchester 1300 shotguns I had. I prefer the Mossberg 590A1, although the Winchester 1300 Defender certainly has the edge in looks.

The saftey gadget on the new Rem. 870's is a bad joke, and the last two I checked out were rough as a cob on the inside. Tough guns, though.

August 21, 2001, 11:00 AM
I've got a 1300 Blackshadow Turkey..... the action is SuPeRB.... I'd say that 99% of the time I pull the trigger I don't even realize that I pump the action. at one time I was contemplating getting an auto... but there is no way I'd get an auto now..... IMHO the winchester pump is as close to perfection as I can imagine(and afford) I've put probly around 500rd through it with NO malfunctions.
I originally was looking at the defender model.....
I choose the Turkey model because the barrel came with the winchoke system where the defender did not and it was still a short barrel (22") and it was drilled and tapped for a scope

Dave R
August 21, 2001, 11:30 AM
The 1300 is good. My brother has one, and it is a delight to shoot.