View Full Version : Old W.C. Scott hammer gun...

August 18, 2001, 09:16 PM
I just acquired in trade a W.C. Scott Hammer double 12 ga. It is a side lock model with a side release lever. Unfortunately, some yutz sawed the barrels down to 20" at some point in the far past. The gun has a beautifully figured stock, what looks like a teal engraved on the left side and a quail engraved on the right with engraving around all other areas of the gun even the screws! The chambers are in great shape and the bores have some pitting but appear to be in good shape. It is obviously damascus. My smith inspected it and pronounced it safe for 2 1/2" black powder loads.
The lock springs are still quite strong and mechanically the gun looks like it should be out popping quail as we speak. The barrels lock up tightly, but there is a very very very very slight looseness when it is closed (movement of such a small amount I can't think of what fraction of an inch would best describe it 1/100th")

The serial number is 194XX

It appears to have the english Black Powder Proof Marks and some other marks (one looks liek a chess rook with a flag sticking up out of it?) but I am not very knowledgeable about such things.

Can any of you gentlemen provide me with any information on when this gun was made and approximate worth based on the chopped barrels? The metal on the locks and triggerguard still has some brightness to it and the barrels are a nice brown patina. You can make out some of the checkering left on the stock and the engraving is still fairly sharp except in areas of handcontact. The stock has a few little dings here and there, but the grain of the wood still comes out nicely without any cracks or chips in it.