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August 14, 2001, 09:28 PM
I finally picked up a rifled slug barrel after shooting smooth bores for twenty years. Now I can shoot those cooooool sabots that my friends have been wounding deer with for years (just joking Peta boys and girls). I reallly don't have any idea what brands/types to try first in my 870. What have you guys found to be the most accurate and reliable Sabot loads for deer slaying (or slaying in general). Oh yeah...they have to be 2.75". Thanks for the input.

Dave McC
August 15, 2001, 05:45 AM

For about the zillionth time, there's no way any of us can tell you what will work for YOU and YOUR shotgun.(P&M mode now off)...

All slugs are effective on deer sized game when properly placed. Buy some 5 packs and bench test. When one brand shows better groups than the rest, buy lots of it,hopefully all from the same lot number, and stash it.Give your other leftovers to a buddy so he can do the same thing.

I've been getting great feedback on Lightfields.

I'd start off with those,the Remington Coppers, the new Winchesters, and try a few KO Brennekes just for grins. Even tho they're not a sabot, I've heard very little against them as to accuracy.


August 15, 2001, 06:56 AM
Thanks Dave ....I think. I'm well aware that I will have to evaluate different lugs/sabots in MY SG, but since I have never used or purchsed ANY Sabot types and didn't even know the brand names of ANY Sabot types (until I read your post ) I figured that I would ask for feedback from those that have used Sabot types extensively as a starting point.

"I've been getting great feedback on Lightfields. " Now that's kindsa what I was after. Sounds like a good first try. Hopefully that wasn't toooo painfull for you.

[Sarcasm off now] Thanks for the feedback, I do appreciate it.

BTW- A search of archives didn't locate many of the zillion previous sabot discussions

Dave McC
August 15, 2001, 07:48 AM
Try searching for those with slugs in the title and sorting out the threads about others. With 65 of such in the archives, there's plenty of info.

And I've used most of the sabots on the market, or more accurately, those that were on the market 5 years ago.The old BRI was best in my shotgun, but it's not available now. Winchester uses the same projectile now.

One note, the spindle type sabot projectiles rarely expand, they were developed for Police style work and made form a harder alloy.. However, any deer with a 50 caliber wound channel through it's lungs will not run far nor suffer inordinately.

August 15, 2001, 08:32 AM
Your right Dave ...dammit. I searched both terms, but not together. I'll have to do some reading tonight. Thanks.