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The specialist
August 13, 2001, 07:19 PM
George I have a Para-Ordinance P14-45 Limited. I went to clean it tonight, and the end of the slide stop ( the round button end on the right side) fell out in my hand. The stop itself, and enough of the pin to get through the barrel link, stayed in the gun. The part from the stop to the break seems to be solid stock, the end that fell into my hand is hollow. :mad: My question is untill I can get a new slide stop from Para, are there any after markets that will fit with out adjustment or alterations. I really wanted to go shooting this weekend. If there is a better one out there that is solid all the way through I would rather have that. Thanks in advance.

James K
August 13, 2001, 08:39 PM
Hi, Specialist and George,

Sounds like they made up for the extra frame width by just taking a standard slide stop and welding (or otherwise attaching) an extension on to it. I guess if the original goes into the right side of the frame far enough, it should work OK, but I am not sure how fond I am of the idea.


George Smith
August 13, 2001, 09:35 PM
I suspect your looking for a different George?

SS is not a great material for slide stops, I have never seen a hollow para slide stop? Perhaps a giant casting flaw??

you can use a 1911 slide stop in the para, para uses a unique cut where the inside contacts the follower, kind of a concave radius. (clears the round coming up from the side in the magazine)

para once upon a time cast in there feed ramp cuts. If it is not set up properly the barrel comes back and stops on the slide stop. the slide stop link or link pin or barrel foot can break in this case. The gun was designed to have the barrel stop on the frame and the slide stop pull the barrel down out of battery but not take the hit from the barrel. If you can have the gun checked with a new slide stop installed (through the right side instead) With the barrel just pushed out of battery but back hard against the frame the slide stop does not bind. but spins with no hard resistance. if it does not turn send the gun to para for surgery. :)

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George Stringer
August 14, 2001, 07:10 AM
Specialist, I don't have one in the shop right now. There are 2 "on the way" but neither has arrived yet. I'm thinking you can use a standard 1911 slide stop since the extra width in the para frame is in the grip/mag area but I'd like to have one on hand to verify that. You can order a new stop from Para's web site at http://www.paraord.com/home.html. George

The specialist
August 14, 2001, 03:28 PM
Thanks George, George, and Jim. George Smith you were right about the cut, I spoke with Para this morning. The gunsmith there said that it was a material defect in the stop. It should not have been hollow. They sent me out a new one this morning, no charge. He also said you could use another , but it may not eject or load properly?? He said it would be a trial and error thing. I have an old brownells catalouge, and the only parts I saw for a Para were beveled magwell attatchments. I would like to get one of those at some point. Which do you guys think would be better the one that solders on , or the one that uses the pin? Maybe someone should come up with a better slide stop for the Para, I hate cast parts:mad: Thanks alot guys for answering my questions, I am glad there is this resource available. I am also glad that Para stands behind their product.

George Smith
August 14, 2001, 04:29 PM
The reason that you do not see many listings for para only is that the hammer sear sear spring disconector main spring housing springs pins bushing etc. are the same for the most part

para uses a different cut inside the slide stop.
if you use and extended one you will have to clear the plunger tube and grip. The mag catch is unique to para also. (as are the grips, grip screws, ser 80 spacer that comes with a frame kit. ser 80 plunger spring is smaller than colt, )

Dawson and EGW (geo) make mag wells that attach with the pin, we make a bolt on also. S&A make a well that is part of a checkered main spring housing, you have to mill .150 off the bottom of the frame for that but you do not have to mess
with any bumper pads not fitting. Gun craft in FL. and EGW make weld on wells for the para also. they are expensive to have fitted. 175.00 ish installed with the part.

hope this helps
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