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August 11, 2001, 10:45 AM

Here is an alert from James Ehlers, Editor of Vermont Outdoors Magazine,
as a warning to Vermont's Sportsmen and women that we need to act
to protect "traditional use" on Vermont land. The fight is here and now.
Here is a fellow from my hunters network getting active on the West Mountain
issue. In the letters that follow you will see where the outreach director
of an environmental organization admits that he too believes the West
Mountain (Champion Land) process is undemocratic. This is to our detriment.
We need to be more involved or we will be left behind:

Send your notes of concern to (and get three friends to do the same):
Scott Johnstone, Secretary of Agency of Natural Resources
[email protected]
Ron Regan, Commissioner Fish and Wildlife
[email protected]

We will be left behind on this if we do not get serious and exert pressure.
This will be the beginning of the lose of traditional rights on fish and
wildlife lands: our lands. If you don't care, then you won't mind paying to
join a hunt club in the future. Think about it. This is why we have the
network. It is time to show them who we are, and what we want. Let's go
folks ... we talk tough; now is the time to back it up!