View Full Version : Miles Keller climber p.o.s.?

Forgetful Dave
August 8, 2001, 03:37 PM
Has anyone used one of these? We're talking pucker-factor ten. My experience with climbing stands is admittedly limited, but up until now uneventful. The instructions were apparantly drawn by a third-grader, and only included to reduce the likelihood of litigation. The attachment system is a veritable rubics cube of nylon and "space-age polymer" As for the climbing systerm; let's just say I was well acquainted with pine bark and sap by the time I had ascended ten feet.( as high as I dared climb). Never before have I been so aware of the immutable law of gravity. Give me good old sit-down stand-up climbing any day. So I'll soon be off to the local sporting goods establishmet for the return of my not-so-hard-earned but appreciated money. So let's hear it am I a wuss?