View Full Version : Browning Auto-5

August 7, 2001, 05:13 PM
My dad just gave me his Browing Auto-5. It needs some work--forgrip is cracked, screw for the side of the reciever is missing, blueing is almost gone, some minor rust(It sat in a closet for years with no mantenance). Is it worth restoring. Also it has a cuts polly choke on it. How do I determine what the choke is(i.e. full, modified etc)?

August 7, 2001, 07:28 PM
Difficult to say without more info on your particular gun but the polly choke hurts the collective part. The auto 5 is a great shotgun. A common cause for fore-end cracks is over-tightening. When placing the forend on, tighten the cap fully and then back off two clicks. That should help that matter. As for the polly choke, there should be markings on it stateing position for choke setting by turning it. A lot of times on older guns, these get negelected and the spreader fingers in the pollychoke become choked/clogged/packed with debris hindering the constriction.The polly can be partially taken apart to be cleaned.
Only an opinion, but I would leave it as is and enjoy the family heirloom. don't shoot steel shot in it.

August 7, 2001, 07:46 PM
I would agree that the cuts does away with any real value potential but I would suggest going so far as to get it in safe operating condition and have fun with it. New wood can be obtain for reasonable prices in low grade finishes. I wouldn't over do it with wild heavy loads but everything else should be fine.