View Full Version : making Black Powder

August 6, 2001, 02:22 AM
What about making your own?
Will it work as well?
Is this legal (just for personal use!)?

August 6, 2001, 06:43 AM
Will it work as well? I doubt it, it would be hard to make a consistent batch.
Is this legal (just for personal use!)? I have no idea.

All that aside, DON"T DO IT. It is exceedingly dangerous and just not worth it. In the old days when many towns had their own powder maker, it was very common to have local shortages because the place blew up. And these were the guys who knew what they were doing. If you are not concerned about your own safety, consider the black eye firearms owners will get when the headline reads "Local gun collector killed while making bomb material."

I just saw that this was your first post. Welcome to TFL. It's a great place.

August 6, 2001, 04:23 PM
There was a "Buckskinner" in the mid west who was totally into the black powder thing. He rifled his own barrels, and tanned his own buckskins. Also ate dogs at rendevouse. (sp?)

He also made his own black powder. It was notorious for poor quality, and nobody wanted to be near him while he was shooting.

He was in his back yard using a screen to sift his latest batch when it exploded. He and a young daughter were killed.

Legal or not, it ain't safe or smart.

August 8, 2001, 09:48 AM
Making your BP is simple and stupid. Since BP is considered an explosive it most likely is illegal as well.

Try this sometime is a safe place. get about 20-30 grains of Pyrodex and the same amount of BP. Place them in a small line on some dirt. Use one of those lighters with the long tip so your hand and face is out of the way. Hold the lighter next to the Pyrodex, it will most likely take a second or so to ignite and if your line is long enough you can watch the powder burn progressivley.

Do the same with BP and the powder explodes the instant you get close with the lighter, and there is not progressive burn like with Pyrodex. It ignites almost instantly.

BP will ignite with the slightest spark - so if you decide to make it do your family a big favor and get a really good life insurance policy.