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August 5, 2001, 01:07 PM
I am considering purchasing a shotgun, my main uses would be wild turkey, deer, home defense, and some clays maybe. I know I am looking for a combo gun or at least buying a second defense barrel. What do you suggest?

I missed out on Deer season because I don't have a shotgun. Now I am mad and want to get a few turkeys and a boar to make up for it. Boar will be taken with my 10FP.

What should I be looking for and How much should I spend. Thanks

August 5, 2001, 01:33 PM

The limiting factor here is that you want to turkey hunt--a situation best served by a tight choke, a shorter barrel, and a 3" chamber. Some of the 2 3/4" magnum loads work well for turkey, but most turkey hunters use 3" shells. 3 1/2" is overkill IMHO.

I'd probably look for a Remington 870 in a turkey set up. You could add a set of Tru-Glo fiber optic sights for about $25. Since you'd already have a short barrel, you could screw in an IC choke and you'd be all set for deer slugs or for HD uses. (Actually, the XF choke would be okay for HD since choke is really meaningless at HD distances.)

Then if you want to bird hunt or shoot occasional clay birds, you could get an additional barrel. A 28" would work fine for those tasks.

The whole set up (gun and two barrels) probably shouldn't run you more than $450. As an example, I bought an 870 Express Super-Mag Turkey gun in black synthetic for about $300 total. (Even though I don't shoot the 3 1/2" shells, I can if I want to.) Extra barrels can be found for $100 to $150.

Another route is to get one of the Remington 870 combos. They come in a 28" RemChoke barrel & 20" IC barrel with iron sights OR a 26" RemChoke barrel & 20" rifled barrel with iron sights. The only problem here is that none of these barrels are best suited for turkey hunting. The longer barrels will work okay since you can screw in an XF choke, but they're not ideal for the task.

Dave R
August 5, 2001, 01:39 PM
Each one of those uses requires a slightly different setup for optimum. If you have lots of money, that's 3 different shotguns. If you have little money, that's 3 different chokes, 1 gun and 1 barrel. In the middle would be 2-3 different barrels.

For HD you want a relatively open choke (cylinder bore, improved). Standard bead sights are fine.

For turkey you want a tight choke (full, or extra-full "turkey" choke). Better sights would give you better accuracy for a long shot. Rifle-type sights, red dot or scope. Your standard bead sights may be set fine. Only way to find out is to shoot at paper targets at 30-40 yards and see how it patterns. Changing loads often changes pattern, and sometimes changes point of impact.

For deer, a rifled barrel would probably give you best accuracy. However, if you hunt in woods where a long shot is not necessary, a smoothbore barrel with open choke and rifled slugs may be enough.

A good way to go would be a Remington 870, Winchester 1300 or Mossberg 835. See which feels best. See what kind of performance you get with a mid-length barrel (22-24") and different chokes. If you're lucky, you may geet good enough performance from slugs and turkey loads with a single barrel and multiple chokes.

Next upgrade would be a rifled barrel with rifle sights or dot/scope for deer.

Then an 18" barrel for HD if you feel the need.

Then a long barrel for ducks, and on and on.

Dave McC
August 5, 2001, 01:41 PM
Remington did offer and may still a Combo, a turkey bbled 870 with 21" tube, and a slug bbl with a smoothbore and rifle type sights. They also had a combo with a cantilever bbl for scope use.

This comes really close to an all around shotgun, and 870s are famed for durability and reliability.

The combos run $300-375, IIRC....

August 5, 2001, 09:26 PM
The Remington 870 Magnum, 28" barrel with screw in chokes will work for everything you are wanting to do. You can try to find a combo pkg. as mentioned in previous posts; but you could just as well start off with the basic shotgun (with the screw-in chokes). Then you can add accessories and barrels in the future to customize your shotgun for the task you choose. The Remington
870 pump gun is very versitile, and aftermarket parts are plentiful.

It is very important to pattern your gun with different ammunition suited for the type of game you want to hunt. Try combinations of chokes and ammo until you find what patterns best. Different guns like different chokes and different ammo, especially for turkey and with buckshot for deer.

Good luck.