View Full Version : Anyone hunted in Newfoundland??

August 2, 2001, 03:25 PM
Has anyone participated in a guided hunt in Newfoundland? I'm pondering one for next year, a woodland caribou and Moose hunt. I'd also like to take my 80 year old grandfather with me, it would get him out of the house and he could relax at the base camp/lodge while I'm hunting, then I could spend the evening with him. If any one has been there and can recomend a good outfitter let me know.


Henry P
August 6, 2001, 04:10 PM
I've been there but I havn't hunted there. I have some standing invites should I ever want to. Newfoundland (the Island not counting Labrador) is about the size of New York State, and has about 500,000 people, that's about 15 million less then New York. The country is beautiful and the people are great. Check out the outfitters and all that but I don't think you will be disappointed. Some of the people I met there actually shot moose off their back porch occasionally. When I was there I never saw one, but that's my kind of luck. I believe they will treat your grandfather well while you hunt, they are just naturally friendly people in the main.

August 7, 2001, 12:05 AM
thanks for the info. I was surprised that no one had chimed in until now! From the pics I've seen it looks like a great place to take the wife and my grandfather.