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July 31, 2001, 09:48 AM
Ok, I'm getting ready to get my first shotgun.

I want to use it for everything for the time being. Duck, goose, recreational clay, home defense and down the road probably for deer.

I have pretty much narrowed it down to a Mossberg 500 or a Rem 870. From what I gather reading posts in this forum, it is pretty much a matter of preference. But here are my questions.

Is it possible to increase the magazine size on a mossberg 500 from the 6 shot to the 9 shot? I assume you would have to use a different barrel if this is at all possible. I have never seen an extension for this for sale.

Is it possible to increase the magazine size on the Rem 870 from 5 to 7 or more? I have seen these extensions in catalogs, but the Remington web site says that after 1993(?) you can't use the extension because of the tube configuration.

I was looking at the mossber 500 turkey gun in camo at the local walmart. It was listed at $233. I comes with the xxturkey choke and a 24" vr barrel. Is this a good gun/price? and is this choke threaded the same as the accuchokes? I figure is I get this gun, I would just need an 18.5" barrel for HD and some other chokes. But I would like some experienced opinions.

I can't really find any 590's. They don't have them at the wally world and the local gun stores jack up the prices so much that I would probably pay more than the msrp.


July 31, 2001, 10:12 AM
From what I have read, the Mossberg is a little less expensive and the Remington has a slightly higher quality.

Dave McC
July 31, 2001, 12:02 PM
The Mossy's an OK gun. More stuff is available for the 870, it may have more accessories than any other firearm of any kind.In theory, one could start with a stripped receiver, bolt assy and forearm metal and build a shotgun around it w/o using any factory parts.

The extensions may be installed on newer 870s after drilling out the "Dimples" in the tube. Never done it, but common input has it as a simple and quick fix.

One of the 870 Express combos has a 21" Turkey bbl and a 20" rifle sighted bbl, both with choke tubes. This setup comes as close as possible to an all around shotgun. While most folks would like more bbl for wingshooting, they do work fine. One of these combos and a couple of choke tubes would enable you to be ready for mice,moose, or Goblins.

Handling differences between the 18" and 20" bbls are miniscule. I'd have to look to see which one of mine I held. In fact, my 21" bbled parts 870 fits right in there also for ease of handling in tight places.

August 4, 2001, 10:49 PM
I used to be a die hard 870 fan myself. Still am, When I can find a good older one. I just dont think the newer ones are as good in the quality control dept. as the old ones. I shot my way into A class (trapshooting) with an 870 TB that I paid 250.00 for. It is still in exc. shape even though it has had probably 25,000 rounds through it. I bought a new 870 express syn. that was garbage from the first shot. Got rid of it quick. My shotgun of choice at the present is the Benelli Nova. I have never had a problem with either of mine( one is 28" camo, the other is 18.5" w/ ghost ring sights). I ran my first 25 straight in skeet with the camo one. The aesthetics take some getting used to, but in my world, form follows function everytime! The mossberg guns offer good value,as I've owned a couple, but don't seem as durable as a good used 870. the verdict is still out on the Nova as far as durability goes, but I have shot the heck out of mine with no problems so far.