View Full Version : Remington 870 and HK

July 31, 2001, 07:18 AM
The Remington 870 Wingmaster is on my "to buy" list but recently saw an add in one issue of the Rifleman showing two shotguns from HK and they were about the price of a Wingmaster.

We know HK makes some great handguns but how are their shotguns and how do they compare to the Wingmaster? Any preference?

Dave McC
July 31, 2001, 07:36 AM
Dunno, don't care all that much. The 870 is so close to perfection as regards reliability, performance and effectiveness that the next closest is a distant second. After 40 years of using them, I'm more impressed than ever.

H&K make good stuff. Some of their rifles are eye openers and their shotguns may be excellent also. But, warranty work and parts may have to come from afar, and the vagaries of international business and politics may shut off the pipeline.