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July 26, 2001, 07:22 PM
Maybe I am way off base here, But....doesn't it seem like there are less of us that hunt than those that strictly shoot....or possibly just collect guns???
I been thinking......I used to live in Suburbia....where one tends to not get a Whole Lot of trigger time...
Now, I live in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.........I sure do get more time walking in the woods....
Could it be that, just like the realators say, it's location, location, LOCATION...????
Personally, I am tending to think so.

J. Parker
July 26, 2001, 11:05 PM
KYE-OAT; I worked in the SF Bay area for 20 years earning a living then escaped to Washington State and couldn't be happier. I'm not a big time hunter. I might go once a year when my brother-in-law twists my arm but I simply enjoy the woods. I go alot.
As a matter of fact I'm going again this weekend to the woods of eastern Washington. My shootin' buddy and I take massive amounts of firepower, our ATV's, and fishin' rods. It's a ball and we don't even have to kill anything. You don't have to be a hunter to enjoy the woods. Best Regards, J. Parker

July 27, 2001, 08:15 AM
I was only alluding to the fact that there are nearly 60K posts on the Rifle Forum......while there are only seven thousand and some change on the Hunt Forum.......
I think my point was something like Folks that live near the Woods tend to be Able to Hunt (or shoot)...more often
I don't doubt that even if you aren't "killing something", you can enjoy the woods.........I would say I enjoy the Woods just as much when I don't manage to bring home any meat or fur as when I do.....I am sure most hunters would agree.....Now, if a person was just some freak that liked to "kill things", they might not even realize that they were in the Woods.....
I really had no intention of causing a stir........I was just throwing an observation out there.........Sorry.

July 27, 2001, 09:09 AM
I enjoy the woods, cept for the skeeters!

It seems like hunting and shooting are almost mutually exclusive, at least to those I talk to. I know many dyed-in-the-wool hunters who will never shoot except a couple rounds just before hunting season to confirm where their gun hits. Not everybody is like that, of course, but a lot of hunters don't really shoot, at least the ones I know.

Of course, this does not apply to posters at TFL!:cool:

Art Eatman
July 27, 2001, 11:18 AM
Elbow room and the freedom to shoot whenever I want was a large part of the decision making about where I live. Also included in that was the freedom to hunt whenever I want to.

So, I have my benchrest on the front porch--makes load-testing easy. I can clamp a clay-bird thrower to my back porch deck; and I have a pistol range behind the house. I've added a 500-yard range setup.

Now, I don't go out and bother Ol' Wiley all that much--but I can. I don't pester the local lions all that much--but I can. Some of it's an age thing: BTDT. I'm a lot less serious about bothering Bambi than I once was.

Shooting, reloading and hunting have been a large part of my life for over half a century--and I still love it!

:), Art

July 27, 2001, 11:42 AM
It's a lot easier to take up shooting than to take up hunting, which requires good shooting and safety skills as well as tracking, patience, camoflage, butchering, icing, big truck to haul game, etc.

And a lot of us city folk come from non-hunting families, I bet. But we still like the idea of having a rifle for some reason. I have never hunted game, only varmints. I would hunt game if I could be sure not to waste the meat.

Special regards to you game hunters,


July 27, 2001, 04:45 PM
goes both ways

There are a lot of hunters who don't shoot too. Bowhunters! I'm amazed at the number of guys I've run into who never hunt with a gun anymore, and have little interest in them.

July 27, 2001, 05:50 PM
I am both an avid hunter and collector/shooter. I feel, for me anyway, they go hand-in-hand. I have the luxury of several hundred acres at my diposal so I can persue whitetail, turkey, hogs, ducks, dove, and varmints (in the past, quail but they have become somewhat scarce in our part of the woods). I hunt with bow, pistol, and rifle and support all forms of legal hunting. I think that all gun owners and sportsman should hold hands for one common objective - our God given rights. If we bicker amongst ourselves, we are providing a crack in the door opening for those who oppose us. And I agree, access to game is the key.

J. Parker
July 27, 2001, 07:40 PM
I'm not sure in which direction this thread is headed. If I started something then I apologize right here and now. If I said something wrong then I would like to retract it immediately. I simply enjoy the woods and I'm a pretty lame hunter that's all. KYE-OAT; Sorry if I said something that offended you, no hard fellings I hope. Your brother-in-arms (no matter what you shoot), J. Parker

Art Eatman
July 27, 2001, 09:10 PM
J. Parker, you sure haven't said anything to bother anybody...

KYE-OAT, finding a place to hunt, finding somebody to teach a "newbie" about hunting--that's not easy for city folks. However, there are firing ranges in and near cities, so finding a place for "just shooting" isn't too difficult.

Folks in the western states have access to a lot of federal land for wandering, plinking, and hunting that a lot of guys back east just don't have.

Costs, in today's world, are part of the deal, as well. Deer leases, hunt clubs--prices increase quite often. And, a lot of long-ago's freebies are no longer free. Prairie dog hunting comes to mind. For that matter, a lot of land-access prices for quail hunting are much higher now...


July 29, 2001, 12:24 AM
We need more hunters here in Alabama. There are so many whitetail, they are starting to become varmints.

July 29, 2001, 07:23 PM
Thats why you post your topic on here, so you can get the different opinions. Yote I have noticed the same thing too, here in south Miss we call them Kmart hunters though. They are out there the first day and thats it.

July 30, 2001, 09:27 AM
I don't hunt as much as I used to because I don't eat the meat as much as I used to. I still get 2 or 3 days to hunt during the whitetail/bear season here in upstate NY so I spend it in the woods with my son. If I don't shoot one I don't waste one ! Last year I shot a 12 point and harvested the rack for myself and gave the rest to a needy family. They enjoyed it but they have moved away so this year I have no-one to give the meat to, so I'll not shoot unless the rack is HUGE !