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July 26, 2001, 06:31 PM
I already posted this in Harleys forum but I wanted to ask here as well. I need info on the following as far as values as I am looking to sell them. Thanks for ANY info!

Savage Fox Sterlingworth 16 gauge. Receiver says "Fox Sterlingworth" This is a Utica Model B Shotgun. Barrel reads: "Special Alloy Forged Steel. Savage Arms Corporation, Utica NY. USA. Proof Tested 16 gauge, 2 3/4 chamber. Wood is in 70-75% shape. Most of the blueing is missing. Made between 1905-1930. links to pics below:

http://www.swow.com/images/fox1.jpg http://www.swow.com/images/fox2.jpg

It is marked: "Springfield Arms Company, Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA. Pat. April 1915" Also has the number 22 with a circle around it on the underside of the gun in the metal just before where it breaks open. Barrel is marked: "selected forged steel, proof tested .410 gauge" Missing most of the blueing on the receiver. Barrel is dull but bore is shiney. Also as you can see in one of the pics it has a crack in the stock that has been repaired... Any ideas on model and value?? links to pics below.
http://www.swow.com/images/spring1.jpg http://www.swow.com/images/spring2.jpg http://www.swow.com/images/spring3.jpg


July 26, 2001, 09:17 PM
wedge, acording to Modern Gun Values 9th ed your fox model B is worth $275.-$300. I'm not sure the info you have listed is all correct. acording to above book gun was made starting in 1940.
I also looked in Grand Old Shotguns by Don Zutz ,He says " about 1940 Savage Arms saw the handwriting on the wall and introduced a cheapened double known as the Fox Model B" Since Savage didn't buy fox till 1930, if your gun says savage I would think it could only be from the 1930-46 years. And the fact that it has 2-3/4" chambers would lead me to believe it was latter than the range you stated . Hope this helps.:)