View Full Version : Larger capacity mag for a Stevens/Savage Model 58

Zoom Wilson
July 26, 2001, 02:04 AM
I bought a used Stevens bolt-action shotgun for $35. It was the deal of the century. The bore is mirror shiny, the stock is in fair-good condition, and the blueing is at least 80%. BTW, the guy at aimsurplus.com said it was in fair to poor condition. He undersold it by a mile!

Anyway, the removable magazine only holds 2 rounds. That isn't enough for my peace of mind out here in the boonies. Anyone know of any larger capacity mags that will also work in this shotgun? I have more tools than I have money, so I wouldn't mind having to do some work to make it function. I would love to go buy a Remington 870 with an extended magazine tube, but I have to make do with what I can afford. Thanks in advance.

Dave McC
July 26, 2001, 06:19 AM
Some years back,Gun Parts Corp had some larger mags for some bolt action shotguns, but I disrecall if yours was included. A good machinist could build you a 4 rd one from 2 standard ones, but it would not be cheap.

Long ago, I had a Mossy B/A for a main gun for a while. It took the biggest buck of my career, but even tho I knew the old Brit Army trick of fast cycling a bolt, it was more like a single shot than a repeater.

Back to you...

With an empty mag, I'd learn how to drop a round in and fire. If it is like that Mossy, all one has to do is drop it in the receiver and move the bolt closed.

Most bolt action shotguns are underappreciated. They're durable, effective, reliable and give a lot of value for the money. Most make great slug guns also. For $35, you got a nice deal.

Also, 870s with extension mags, bells,whistles, fuzzy dice and fender skirts are nice, but an absolutely stock shotgun of two or more shot capacity is a terribly effective weapon in trained hands.

There's a myth/legend with some truth in it about a mountaineer back in the Hatfield/McCoy days surprised by a number of opponents when his armament was a single shot breechloading shotgun and a handful of birdshot loads. Supposedly, he not only survived, but accounted for a fair number of enemies, better armed and experienced.

Zoom Wilson
July 27, 2001, 11:18 AM
Thanks for the response. You have a great point about how you can just drop a round in and fire. It's not like trying to wrestle a round into an AR (the bolt on my friend's Oly won't close w/ a mag inserted so we single feed it). You just drop the round in the cut-out, and close the bolt. The 2 round mag is physically pretty large, so a 10 round mag would be huge. Oh well, I'm going to give-up on that dream.

So, I need some way of carrying extra rounds. I guess I could screw one of those side saddles (made for an 870) to the stock, but I hate to put holes in it. Another option would be one of those stretchy round holders that goes over the stock, but they don't hold many rounds. A friend has a sling I tried that holds 10 rounds. I tried that, but the swinging sling weighs so much it pulls the gun back and forth as at sways. Not a good thing if you running and dodging with a bad guy in the dark. I might try finding a sling that will take-up short enough so that it won't swing. Well, I'm going to keep looking...

Dave McC
July 28, 2001, 07:50 AM
Those slings are truly egregious for the reason you stated.

Besides SideSaddles(which I like) and butt cuffs(which I do not), try some of the Nam era pouches that hold 12 rounds. They mount on a belt or can be just placed near the weapon for a quick grab.

Or, for really cheap, use masking tape to stick a few rounds on your B/A for fast use. Ya need to replace the tape often, but it's super cheap.