View Full Version : Beretta M3P?

July 22, 2001, 07:33 PM
I recently checked out a Beretta M3P shotgun. http://securityarms2.com/20010315/pics/0500/586.jpg Apparently it is the Beretta version of the older folding stock Benelli M3 w/ the exception of having a removable box magazine. was told by owner that Beretta won't reveal exactly how many were produced yet believed that number to be around 2000 with only a small percentage being in the US. Was asking $10K! Anyone else seen/handled/have info?

July 23, 2001, 08:08 PM
If you look in Guns of the Elite by George Markham (1st or 2nd edition), you can see another photo of the gun. If you look closely at the photo (in the book), however, you can just make out BENELLI on the right side just under the cocking handle notch and towards the rear of that sample. The one shown at Security Arms is a Beretta stamped sample. Here is a better photo of the BERETTA M3P I got from an Italian e-mail correspondant a few years ago :


Clearly, it is what would eventually be the tube magazine M3 Super 90. The switch from auto to manual is the same as is the folding stock (when the Super 90s were optioned with them). The grip shape and trigger guard are definitely Benelli. The M3Ps in the book(s) also had the cartridge release in front of the trigger on the right as with all Benellis. The Beretta sample did away with this.