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AC's & 45's
July 19, 2001, 01:03 PM
I finally got a chance to hit the range with my 870 Express and 18" barrel installed. The thing is devastating at 25 yards.
My target was a 2'x2' cardboard with small orange dot centered.
Five rounds of S&B 12 pellet buck simply riddled the target.
5 rifled Federal slugs nearly obliterated the orange dot.

Now I am just playing but....
At 50 yards fifty percent of the 00 pellets on target isn't bad in my book.
And 5 slugs in ~a 5" centered circle ain't bad at all.

Keep in mind this is with a 18'' bead sight barrel.

Much more than adequate for my purposes.

Ok now I am stretching it.
100 yards...no 00 tried....
5 of 5 slugs on the 2x2' target fired off hand...aimed ~ 2' high= 2' group.

5 for 5 in ~ 12 group aimed ~2' high from sand bags.

Not bad for a short, bead only scattergun !

I may have to drop a scope onto my 870 with the 28" barrel and she what she will do with slugs at 100 yards.

Damn this is fun. It is kind of hard on the old shoulder though.
My next purchase may be a padded shooting / hunting vest.

Whadda ya'll think ?

Dave McC
July 20, 2001, 08:00 AM
Ya did good,AC. For benching,try the PAST wearable pad(nicknamed the Wonderbra around here).
I don't like it quite as much for wingshooting.
There's other good ones around.

A coupla things....

Check the Archives for old stuff about zeroing and shooting slugs.

Try different slugs. This may be the best research and testing you've done in your shotgunning career.

Coop de Ville
July 20, 2001, 11:59 AM
Good job there!

I find the S&B patterns like crap myself. I bought two cases of it on sale, and don't want to use it. At 5 yards it makes about a 12-14 inch pattern. I want to try the Estate. At that range it should make a hole :)

The shotgun and 3 gun matches here require 6 pellets to be in the -0, so S&B isn't my first choice.

BTW, I wear a PAST recoil pad... because slugs are fun to shoot.

Best -Coop