View Full Version : Marlin M24 for CAS?

July 12, 2001, 08:05 PM
A friend will all but give me a Marlin M24 12 ga. pump (ser.# 109xxx) for CAS shooting. I've checked, and though they are SASS legal, Marlin has recommended that they not be shot, period.

The gun itself is in very good condition. The action feels tight, it has a 2 3/4" chamber (I understand many had 2 1/2"), and dry fires snapcaps with no problems.

My questions are: is this shotgun safe for CAS, and if so, with what loads? Blackpowder only? Light smokeless loads?

Any and all advice would be appreciated.

Surly Spike (SASS# 35713)

Ned Roundtree
July 19, 2001, 07:23 AM
Best answered by a competent gunsmith reviewing your gun. The model 24 meets the definition of a cas gun. Many takedown Marlins had their parts interchanged. You and your gunsmith should check that the barrel is the same serial # as the receiver. Correct locking of breech bolt and locking bolt into receiver is essential. If broken, jammed or rusted the bolt could blow out of the receiver. Please have a competent gunsmith inspect and give his okay before using.

July 19, 2001, 09:35 AM
I wish I could remember exactly what part is the problem part, I don't off the top of my head. I do know that some part of the receiver can break and fly back into the face of the shooter. There may be no evidence that the gun is weakening before the failure.

On the other hand there are many CAS shooters who use this gun and with no problems, and swear by them.

I normally try to avoid sending people from on forum to another but I think a safety issue warrents it. Go to:


Click the SASS Wire link. This is a very active CAS forum, and ask your question there. You will get everything from don't shoot it - to shoot it and you'll love it. Plus they will give you load recommendations. A lot of the information will be first hand.

Otherwise the previous post about having a gunsmith check it over is very sage advise and should be followed with any questionable gun.

Good luck and have fun.

July 25, 2001, 10:57 PM
I had the M24 in question checked by a gunsmith. The verdict wasn't good. Though he said it appeared to be fine mechanically, he quickly noticed that it would fire when out of battery. I hadn't noticed when I ran snap caps through it but if you pull back on the slide slightly, unlocking the bolt, a pull of the trigger will drop the hammer. He admitted he was no expert on the 1898 series of guns and wasn't sure if it could be repaired or not. His recommendation was that it be nothing more than a wall-hanger. Better safe than sorry.

The Ohio SASS championship, Guns of August, is coming up. I may take it with me in the hopes of having it checked by someone more knowledgeable on '98s. Maybe the problem can be remedied and the gun salvaged. Regardless, thanks again. Your advice saved me time, trouble, $$, and quite possibly some pain and suffering.