View Full Version : Cleaning rods: Coated or non-coated?

July 5, 2001, 11:06 AM

I'm going to upgrade to single piece cleaning rods for my rifles. I've heard that stainless steel is good. I've also heard from some people that coated rods are good. From others, I've been told that I should avoid coated rods since the coating tends to attract contaminants which will then be pushed through the bore.

Any thoughts?


Bud Helms
July 5, 2001, 04:25 PM

Get rid of that two-piece rod and don't ever stick it down a bore you care about! As to coated vs non-coated ... all the high dollar shooters use Dewey's coated rods. I use a stainless Hoppes one piece and here's why. One day a real good friend was dissin' me, jokingly, at the range about not using quality cleaning equipment. He had one of the Deweys. I picked up his Dewey coated cleaning rod and inspected it and found a place where the coating had been cut and had formed a pocket of sand and dirt. I showed it to him and he soon had another, but never said another thing about my Hoppes uncoated rod again.

I think if you take care of the coated rods, they are probably easier on your bore, but I use a boreguide anyway, so it's not a problem.I DO like the inline screwdriver-type handle on the Dewey better than the T-handle on the Hoppes. They both swivel freely.

July 6, 2001, 08:53 AM
I looked at the one piece Midway rods. I'm going to probably order four in various lengths tomorrow. I'm going to go with the uncoated stainless rods and new jags.

I have a Dewey rod for my Mark II pistol, but a good portion of the coating has worn off from pushing it through the breech end and hitting sharp areas. I think that stainless, uncoated rods will work fine, and I don't think that they'll get as embedded with stuff.

I have a shooting buddy who chastised me for thinking about 'wasting money' on one-piece rods, but I don't think that they will be a 'waste'. From what I've heard, the stainless rods won't pick up as much junk as the aluminum ones, and it's obvious that they won't bend like the sectional rods.

If anyone cares to add more, please do. I'll mention my findings to my friend at the range on Sunday.



July 6, 2001, 04:53 PM
I use a Dewey coated rod, with bore guides of various manufacturers for my rifles. I've never experienced any of the coating coming off, and I've never been dissatisfied with my choice of a Dewey rod.

4V50 Gary
July 6, 2001, 05:41 PM
Make mine either Dewey coated rods or one piece brass rods and don't forget to wipe the rod down every time after you pass it through the bore.

Bud Helms
July 6, 2001, 07:48 PM
Brass! Where do you find those Gary?