View Full Version : Load for Reenactment?

July 4, 2001, 12:33 PM
Need help fast! What's the common load for reenactment with a .50 caliber rifle? I'd assume that a full 90 grain load would be a little extreme, and that the flour is used to replace the lost smoke from firing a reduced load. So how much powder, & how much flour? Place a wad between powder/flour(?), on top of flour too? BTW, I'll be using Pyrodex RS.

Thanx &
Happy 4th :)

4V50 Gary
July 4, 2001, 10:10 PM
40 grains of FF is plenty enough for smoke & fire & for your audience, a healthy bang. Don't waste powder where you don't have to.

July 5, 2001, 12:30 AM
Thanx Gary, works like a charm :D I didn't see the need to waste good shootin wads either, just shoved a torn peice of cloth down over the load.

4V50 Gary
July 5, 2001, 01:24 PM
Don't even need the paper. It'll go bang the first time.

BTW, isn't it great to have BP guns for the 4th of July. Better than fireworks! :D Now, if we can get spare ramrods to shoot into the air like the soldiers did when they were bored...

July 6, 2001, 12:50 AM
Uh oh, now I know what to do with all of my old "getting-too-short" arrows :D

4V50 Gary
July 6, 2001, 02:17 PM
Thanks for the idea! I've shot my worn or "found" arrows out of my 43 cal airgun, but never a muzzleloader. Gotta try it too (but use a wad of some sort when you do).