View Full Version : Beretta recoil spring question

June 28, 2001, 05:17 PM

Does anyone know where one can find a heavy spring for a Beretta 96 barreled for .357SIG? Currently the gun has a 19# spring as recommended by the barrel maker. The brass is flying over ten feet in the air and twelve feet to the side. It seems that a spring around 24# may be in order. WOlff only lists a max 20# for the 96.

Last weekend, I was at an out door range. The shooting line was ten feet from the covered loading area. Every shot report was punctuated with a metalic DING! After a few times, it struck me as strange. BANG! ding! Bang, ding!

It was the brass bouncing off of the metal roof of the covered loading area. The search for my spent brass covered better than a forty foot radius.

The loads are medium 1300fps. Not screamingly hot by the 357 SIG standard.

Am I wrong about the flying brass and recoil spring? Is there something else that needs to be looked at?