View Full Version : Browning Citori fix cost....

June 24, 2001, 11:52 PM
Hello everyone.
I was at the range with my buddies yesterday and one of my buddy dropped my Citori on the ground. It now has a deep scrape on the barrel & one section of the vent rib is bent. Well does anybody know if it is fixable or how much it would cost? Oh..Citori now has a deep gouge on the butt stock as well....
Thank you for your relpies in advance...
Brian :(
P.S. Can someone recommend me a 'smith in So Cal to fix my Citori who charges reasonably?

George Stringer
June 25, 2001, 06:44 AM
Byroon, I don't know any Cal gunsmiths to send you to. In my shop you'd be looking at around $300 depending on the stock finish he wanted. $300 is assuming he's want a "pretty" finish. George