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June 21, 2001, 10:40 AM
I recently purchased a #4 Mk 1 Enfield in .303 cal to use as a custom gun project.

I know...aggghhh..don't do it! But too late..she is destined to go that route.

Anyway..it is a Factory Recond and the barrel seems to be either brand new or almost new. The problem is with the sporterized stock, the barrel is rediculously long.

My questions are...

1. What is the best way to cut a barrel to a more manageable length without having to unscrew it and put it in a lathe?

2. I plan on putting a muzzle brake on the weapon. Is there a way to thread the barrel without unscrewing it? If not I may have to consider the option of installing a muzzle brake by welding or as OlyArms does with their AR15's....with set screws.

Any help would be appreciated.

Good Shooting

kurt IA.
June 21, 2001, 12:23 PM
1 hacksaw, the problum is with the crown, This is were you need the lathe. Brownlels has a tool to face a barrel so you could go that way.
2 If the barrel is tapered you will need to cut it staright first. This again, is lathe work, then use a die to cut the threads. Of corse if you have a lathe, with a large enought hole in the spindle, to take the action, or short enough headstock to alow the action to set outside, just strip it and do the work that way.