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June 20, 2001, 06:25 PM
This is a serious question. I was looking for a way to make cover scent for deer season. It occured to me that rabbit scent might work. Nothing is scared of a rabbit.
I bought a rabbit and put a pan under his cage. When some droppings accumulate I put them in a half of a bottle of water and shake them up. I then filter that through a cloth to remove any solids and put it in a spray bottle. I hang my hunting clothes out the night before a hunt and give them a light spraying with the cover scent.
Will this work or is it a bad idea? People spray fox and doe urine on themselves surely this is not any worse than that.
Attached is a pic of my new cover scent factory.

June 20, 2001, 09:13 PM
Uh No............:barf:

June 20, 2001, 09:27 PM

Generally fox or racoon urine is used as a cover scent by applying it to the sole of your boots or dragging it behind you. I wouldn't spray it on my cammies. Attractants aren't sprayed on cammies either, they get hung or placed around the area you are hunting.

Seems like a lot of work to make your own, but let us know how it works.


Bud Helms
June 21, 2001, 06:25 AM

I don't know if I'd want to be in the woods with prey poop scent from the most common prey around ... what about coyote, fox, etc.?

June 21, 2001, 09:42 AM
I have always wanted to bag a coyote let him come my 454 likes breakfast.

June 21, 2001, 09:55 AM
I know a lot of people use scents to cover their own smell but have never subscribed to the practice myself. I have, at times, crushed & rubbed pine needles on my clothes after hanging about a campfire .... usually just never bother with it.

Simplistic best bet is to watch the wind, moving directly or quartering into it. Even with a wind on your left or right, your scent won't be moved to the critters you're after - usually.

I've had deer/elk come from upwind to a place where I was smoking or had a fire going.

I think one of the reasons fox, etc. urine is used is because of the strength of those smells. Predators have a stronger feces smell than do prey.

Bud Helms
June 21, 2001, 05:26 PM
I use turpentine on boots and around the lower portion of pant legs. Just a little dab 'll do ya.

June 26, 2001, 11:19 PM
Unless you REALLY like smashing rabbit poop, I'd go to Wally world after deer season and stock up on Tink's Fox Urine. Great stuff, strong and if your neighbor, ex-wife, etc. ever pisses you off, just take an eye-dropper and place about three drops of the fox pee in the the air intake (just below and in front of the windshield) of their car...instantly "cover scents" the interior...they will think they hit a skunk, by the third day (or less) the interior is forever trashed.

June 29, 2001, 05:09 PM
thanx for the great idea VonFatman. It might become a regular practice for me.lol hahaha:D