View Full Version : Sig 220 cosmetic upgrade, advice?

June 19, 2001, 09:48 AM
The last South FL Suncoast gunshow was a good one for me! I picked up a police trade in Sig 220 on a very good deal. The pistol has a blued frame and parkerized slide. All controls are blued. Barrel is blued but is really starting to rub down to bear metal and not looking so great.

I wish to polish the barrel to a nice, even semi-gloss. I think this will contrast well with the dark slide. I also wish to install either new stainless controls, or maybe polish them up myself (trigger, hammer, takedown latch etc.) What method would you recommend I take to do this most economically and efficently?

I have some experience with my Dremel, but I am smart enough to admit I have not done this sort of stuff with pistols. I want to do the job right, and get a professional finish. Any ideas?