View Full Version : "interesting" fine points of using the new & improved search feature

June 18, 2001, 05:45 PM
Just an FWI-type of comment on the newer search technology ....

Was looking for some information regarding the .45 long colt handgun cartridge in the Reloading forum just lately. Typed in "45 long colt" (do notice lack of the "dot" = "decimal point") & received "45 isn't long enough' - -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-!? & I went through variation after variation to distraction .... "45 not ACP" & all kinds of pretty funny & strange stuff - I was not amused .... ;)

Ended up fairly accidentily typing in the decimal point ".45 .... " & got just what I was looking for.

No point to this post at all execpt that the info is there - we only have to ask the right questions.

I do like the new(er) feature where the keywords are displayed in red. It would be nice if it was a bit more intuitive & I didn't have to tell it (really) what I wanted ..... ;)

Just a bit too much like asking questions of myself ..... it's frustrating ... ;)

BTW, good to see the avatars are turned off .....

Caeca Invidia Es
June 18, 2001, 06:44 PM
The search feature will not accept any words under 3 characters, because there are no words under 3 characters in the search database.

Rich Lucibella
June 18, 2001, 08:04 PM
Good point...I'll change the wording in the search page to alert users that all terms must be 3 or more characters.