View Full Version : Front Sight's free SMG class

June 13, 2001, 06:39 PM
Front Sight may not have anymore free one day SMG classes at it's Parump (spelling?), NV site after the ones scheduled this month (6/2001). You get meals, refreshments, use of the Uzi's and free ammo, plus a low pressure pitch on the property and classes. You don't have stay for the presenation or buy a coupon, etc and they say have a good life and smile as you leave. No high pressure at all. Find Front Sight on the web and get the details. I think it is the best money that I never spent. They offer coupons for reduced class prices (50% and more). The only restriction is that it can only be used on your first 'paid for' class. I am not into automatics at all, but took the class to get the big savings on the 4 day $1000 class. I have shot a Thompson 1927, MP5, Colt 9mm carbine and now the Uzi. Probably never will shoot another auto, but I did have a good time with a couple of buddies. They seem to have a good program going and I will be back, That's the idea of the free class: you probably will not buy a $300,000 acre lot in the planned community (it includes all of the classes that you ever want to take and use of the ranges, lifetime), but a good percentage of students will pay to take their $500, $1000 and $2000 classes.