View Full Version : Taurus 85UL tolerances, cylinder slop normal??

June 10, 2001, 10:57 AM
I bought a Taurus Stainless Tone Mdl. 85UL over a year ago, and love carrying it concealed!

My issue Glocks 22 and 27 are too damn heavy honestly, and I'd rather carry comfortably than not carry.....

I noticed that it has more wiggle, and slop in the cylinder than a S&W mdl 10/.38 spec. that is in my safe at work, and it got me thinking..

Just how much in normal, or expected.

I've shot 2 boxes of cheap hardball through it, and 1 1/2 boxes of 158 gr. +P, which is what I carry in it.....

I know, it will be hard to answer this question scientifically when I haven't checked the gun with a Micrometer....

BTW, mine has been 100% reliable, although when I first bought it, after a few rounds and it got hot, it was harder to pull the trigger, (tight tolerances and powder accumulation) but later, after firing a box of the +P, seemed to loosen up to the point where it was very nice....

If the +P really did loosen up the tolerances, and it wasn't my imagination, and it really improved the gun, I wonder if it will continue to loosen the gun up more, or if the gun should reach a point where it won't loosen up more?

Any opinions?

Anyone else notice this with theirs?

George Stringer
June 11, 2001, 07:18 AM
Scooter, does the play exist when the pistol is cocked? That's the question. If so it can be tightened up. But if it isn't spitting lead out of the flash gap or if the pistol is as accurate as you think it should be than I wouldn't be concerned. If it's just sloppy when the hammer is at rest there's no reason to worry about it. George