View Full Version : M1A flash suppressor alignment from impact?

May 31, 2001, 04:46 PM
have a Springfield M1A loaded (with NM flash suppressor).
It's been shooting great - i.e. no bullet striking the FS. However, on the way from the range, my gun, in a canvas padded bag (you know, the ones with 5 mag holders on them) was swung and struck a metal doorway at the upper end of the barrel (maybe FS).

Upon inspecting the gun tonight I noticed the FS looked VERY SLIGHTLY slanted - although I wasn't sure I wasn't just imagining it after the hit. The flash suppressor did not look damaged or scratched in any way. I normally use the otis kit; but I took out the segmented cleaning rod and assembled it - when fully inserted, I can pull it to touch one side and not the other.

Is it possible I moved it with the impact, even given there's no visible damage or scratch to it? How does this thing adjust? Or did the gun just come this way?

If I get the tool to remove the nut, can I realign it myself? Is there also an alignment tool, where can one find the alignment tool?


May 31, 2001, 10:40 PM
What ever you do DON'T SHOOT the rifle! The flash suppressor sounds like it is out of alinement. A round travelling out of the barrel will split the flash suppressor open like a banana. There is a "flash suppressor alinement tool/gage" which must be used with the "castle nut wrench". I suggest that you locate a gunsmith/shop that knows about the M1A1 and take it in for inspection and R&R if required.
It's not as bad as it sounds as long as you DON'T SHOOT the rifle.

May 31, 2001, 11:59 PM
I've mailordered the wrench; but could not find the alignment tool anywhere.

I'll be calling up my gunsmith tomorrow; but I'm not sure the smiths in Austin, TX work on this type of gun.

My regular (use him for pistol) smith does good pistol work I know that, maybe he could knock off an alignment tool with his lathe ($$$$$$) :(


June 1, 2001, 01:07 PM
Springfield Armory when I redeemed my loaded coupon. The first time I reassembled the rifle after cleaning, I decided to use it afterwards to check my reassembly and thank God I did.


June 1, 2001, 02:17 PM
I just got back from my gunsmith who said:

A: looks okay, safe, and it would need a SERIOUS slant to not put a bullet thru the huge hole in the NM flash suppressor.

B: The flash suppressor goes on how it goes on - there is no latitude for adjustment other than on or off.

C: Good, bad, or ugly the nut was tight, and the impact I describe could not have budged it.