View Full Version : Defensive Edge Basic Pistol Class,review

May 28, 2001, 10:52 AM
My wife, myself and 4 other friends just returned from Defensive Edges Basic Pistol class, and we have nothing to say but high praises. "Sully" and "Fritz", really made the class enjoyable, educational, and inspiring. Only one of us students had any formal training outside of basic firearms safety as kids. We learned the basic fundamentals of pistol handling and defensive use. The building blocks. We All learned A LOT. Kelly, my wife, and Patty my friends wife entered the class apprehensive, and ended our 9 hour day with a lot more confidence and a real measurable performance improvement in their shooting and gun handling skills. (plus they both are starting to like their pistols, and like shooting as opposed to just "coming along" with their husdbands)
We will back for the advanced class, and want to take the carbine classes.

If you live near the Minneapolis/Upper midwest area, you'll get a lot out of http://www.defensive-edge.net
These guys know what there are doing, and love doing it.

Brendan Berthold
[email protected]