View Full Version : "Stove-pipe" problems

Sonny Heninger
May 21, 2001, 09:30 AM
I have a Navy Arms 92 carbine which has a habit of hanging-up with "stove-pipe" problems when I'm participate in Cowboy shooting matches. I think Navy Arms finally fixed it but I want to upgrade and am not sure what to buy.
Someone told me to look at the Henry rifles because the way they feed they can't get a "bullet standing up" where one must stop and push it back down before firing. Is this true? Being a novice shooter, I don't quite understand why the Henry would feed better. Can someone enlighted me without being too technical?

May 21, 2001, 11:30 AM
The Henry, 1866, and 1873 use an "elevator". The cartridge slides out of the magazine, is lifted up with the round horizontal and then pushed straight into the chamber. The 92 uses a teeter-totter type lifter that can flip the cartridge. Unless you just have to have the Henry, I recommend the '66 or the '73 as they are easier to load. They have the loading port like your 92. The Henry loads from the front of the magazine tube. Plus the '66-'73 have a wood for-end, to keep you from burning your fingers on the hot barrel. The main difference between the ‘66 and the ‘73 is that the ‘66 (like the Henry) has a brass frame, the ‘73 is steel.

Personally I shoot the ‘66.