View Full Version : Looking for info on DeLisle Carbine

May 17, 2001, 10:10 AM
Want to make on and am looking for parts to assemble one or plans on how to make one.

May 17, 2001, 08:23 PM
I used to wonder also about the feasibility of making one myself. but the legality of such an undertaking is not worth the effort. And by the by making one is labor intensive to say the least. Data I can remember:

A modified No 1 mk III rifle to start with.
Mods. are as follows:
1 Reciever modified to take a .45 cal. barrel that extends beyond the thread extension into the reciever an undisclosed distance
2 7" bbl-NFA consideration (10 yrs.10,000 max fine/sentence in the "Gray Bar Motel")
3 A very large suppressor offset from center of bbl.-see parenthesis above.
4 Bolt shortened to accomodate set back bbl.
5 feeding system modified to accept M1911 mags (which may or not be modified themselves).
6 buttstock appears the same as issue-but forestock would be very tough to reproduce.
7 Sights would have to be custom made and the calibration/regulation for bullet drop (I believe the the originals were graduated to 300yds. unknown distance for each grad. though)

Not impossible to make though but very expensive to say the least. Not Illegal if made for you by a liscensed maker and dealer.

May 17, 2001, 11:20 PM
Not illegal to make yourself IF you execute the proper paperwork and recieve approval IN ADVANCE! I did so back in the early 80s for several personal Class 3 items & that law hasn't changed except for the ban on machine gun production. :( SBR, suppressors, etc are still allowed WITH APPROVED PAPERWORK.
I don't know of any sources of info on the DeLisle, however a lady D/B/A Valkyrie Arms is building them now on a limited basis. Look for an article in Soldier of Fortune sometime last year on them for some more info. Also old issues of Machine Gun News (out of business) or Small Arms Review.