View Full Version : New Holster website . Please look .

May 16, 2001, 11:07 PM
hi I build holsters for a guy who builds them for Wilson Combat . We also have our own line and do custom stuff and cowboy style rigs to . See us at http://www.raftersgunleather.com . we build only first rate stuff and have a no B.S. gaurantee , you either are happy or you get your money back , plain and simple and honest is our motto .

May 16, 2001, 11:18 PM
I forgot to add that we have molds and the patterns for almost any brand of gun , we have a whole wall full of everygun made . We also offer a combo mag-lite pouch for you surefire carriers , in bezel up or down styles . also we have a clip on surefire carrier that is neat . All our stuff is not on the site yet and we can custom make things that are not listed . You dream it up we can probably do it .
Like a magpouch for your AR15 mags , yep we did to so we made some ,they are great . we also make cuff cases for your 1.5 inch belts and leather shotshell holders . You name it we probably have done it . After all we are APT trained , high speed , low drag types who carry 24/7 so we throughly test our stuff to the max . Come see us , I think you will grow to love us because we truly enjoy what we do .

May 20, 2001, 01:24 AM
Your prices sure are good! Do you also do cordovan? What are your payment options?

Bud Helms
May 20, 2001, 06:56 AM

Nice looking products. I'll be looking in on the site for more info. Prices look good too.

May 21, 2001, 03:29 AM
Scott , No to the cordavan but we do Alligator,shark,ostrich,and stingray . I beleive they are visa/mastercard O.K. I will have to check and see , I know at least one or the other . Mitch Rosen does Cordavan .

May 21, 2001, 02:10 PM
Do you make left-hand versions of your holsters and carriers? If so, any additional cost? Thanks.

May 21, 2001, 10:36 PM
Fred , yes we do make left handed stuff at no addtional cost . We chose to build our stuff the same for Southpawed folks . I have seen others charge more or make you wait longer for a special order item . Just be sure to specify in an order .

May 22, 2001, 10:11 AM
Thanks for the info. Will give your site a serious look.

May 26, 2001, 02:23 PM
Do you fokes make any Ankle Holsters? Interested in one for a S&W 640. Nice Web, page.