View Full Version : Why has there not been a Colorado get-together yet?

Steve Smith
May 14, 2001, 11:22 PM
Subject says it all. Coloradans, please check in if you're interested in a get-together!

May 15, 2001, 08:27 AM
Because they were waiting for you to organize it Steve. ;)

May 16, 2001, 02:36 AM
Hmmmmmm...??? Maybe because I haven't finished `upgrading' the range here on the farm? Or possibly because I haven't refilled the propane tank(s) for my grill? I dunno...???

Seriously, though, I'd like to see a little activity even if it was only just getting together and having some food and refreshments. (Oh, and it was someplace close to, and *not* South towards `The People's Republic of Denver or West towards `The People's Republic of Boulder', our farm. I don't `travel' all that well these days and have to have a bit of `support facilities' close at hand whenever I do, unfortunately.) We `could?' handle about a dozen out here right now as it stands with what I've got for a `range?'. If a couple `port-a-potties' were `brought in' maybe a couple dozen *if* people all didn't want to all shoot at the same time. (Given another month... Things could possibly be done a bit easier even though it would still entail at least one `port-a-potty' to be on the `safe?' side. {WAN GRIN!}) We *would* have to be a bit on the `careful' side as to just how `big' what was being shot was since I can only get so much dirt moved into place by myself to really `fortify' backstops these days. {WAN GRIN!}

I expect that there are a few out there that could do it better, though. And I also expect that if we make a bit more `noise' about it they just might.

Steve Smith
May 17, 2001, 12:02 PM
I CERTAINLY don't mind organizing it, but with only three of us, it looks like a lame TFL get-together. Larry, shal I post this over on the Gen Discussion forum?

May 18, 2001, 08:22 AM
Sorry Steve, I was only joking, I don't think that I could make it over to Colorado anytime soon. :(

Jamie Young
May 18, 2001, 05:54 PM
Steve Smith- Until everyone learns to check out the Lock and Load forum you going to have to scout out fellow Colorado TFLers. We are having our second Pennsylvania Shoot next week and I got 4x's as many response because I looked up peoples profiles and emailed them. George Hill gave me permission a few months ago to post in the General Discussion forum about Checking out the Lock and Load Forum.
Look up "Attention All TFLers!! Look Whats Going on in your State". Its over there so feel free to post on that thread as often as you like. Its for Everyone!!!!!!!

May 23, 2001, 05:20 AM

Give me an `e-mail' `shout'. Maybe we *can* figure out something that'll `wake up' some other TFLers here in Colo?

May 23, 2001, 11:24 AM
I'd be interested...I'm in Boulder county.

May 23, 2001, 09:22 PM

Ah! a `neighbor'! {GRIN!} I live just outside Platteville over in Weld county on our `family farm'.

That makes 3 people now? It's a start?

Zak Smith
May 24, 2001, 01:06 AM
Gee, I get bored and go on over to the Lock'n'Load forum and what do I see? ...

I'm up here in Fort Collins. Anyone have a favorite range? I bet you'd get a lot more responses if this was posted in General...


May 24, 2001, 12:47 PM
Well I belong to 3 clubs...Boulder, CRC and Buffalo Creek. Boulder is the most convenient(both the North rang near Longmont and the South range here in town). Buffalo Creek is my favorite(600 yds & its location). CRC is probably one of the finest shooting facilities anywhere(up to 1,000 yards) but its out halfway to Kansas(Byers). I'll be at the Weld County range up in Ault on Sunday...that's a nice range too. Estes Park has a range but I've only went there once during a snow storm. Of course, we could all head off to Raton(Whittington Center)...

By the way, have any of you been to the new Flatirons Mall in Broomfield? There is a great gun store in Galyan's sporting goods of all places. It's up on the 2nd floor. I didn't even know it was there until I saw someone in the checkout line with ammmo...

Zak Smith
May 24, 2001, 03:37 PM
I usually shoot at the Northern Colorado Rog & Gun Club's range at Owl Creek off 287. It only goes out to 200-250 meters (plates at 360, 460?, 600), but you can shoot at whatever you want as long as you don't leave garbage. A longer range would be cool..

May 24, 2001, 07:30 PM
Hi all...

I guess you guys missed the birth of the Tryranny response team in front of the Gov's mansion that allowed me to meet some fellow TFL'ers and start shooting with front range IDPA. I'm in Denver but as they say.. have gun will travel.

I even visited ol Coinneach and Morgan for a Shoot south of the Springs in a driving rain.

Jamie Young
May 24, 2001, 08:21 PM
Thats what I like to hear Dr.Rob!! I have a few scared TFLers from PA afraid of the big bad rain this weekend. Last time we had a shoot in PA a big snow storm came up and 1/2 of the people that said they were coming didn't show. This time I have about 14 people plus guests saying they are coming but now everyone is saying maybe not if it rains SHEESHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! If we could have a National TFL shoot I'd bust my ass to go!

May 25, 2001, 02:44 AM

Hmmmmmmm... *Except* for my *extreme* dislike for anything to do with `The People's Republic of Boulder' *and* pretty much anything that smacks of the general `Metro Denver Area' it is kinda tempting to check out some of those places you've mentioned. ('Course there *are* the other places and they sound pretty good. {GRIN!}) As for the range up at Ault on Sunday... Dang! SWMBO and I already have somethings already planned around the place or I'd wander on up that way myself.


What's the co$t to become a member? I'd love to have more than just the 50, 100, and hopefully soon to be 200 yard `informal' range I've got here on the farm. (This even though I *can* shoot pretty much whenever I feel like it just by basically walking out my back door.) And *not* having to have to do *anything* to do with both `The People's Republic of Boulder' *or* the every expanding `creeping crud sprawl' AKA `Metro Denver' definitely has appeal.

Zak Smith
May 25, 2001, 03:35 PM
Halfpint, it's like $50 or $60 a year, not bad. Contact Scott Fisher at [email protected] for more information.


May 29, 2001, 01:58 AM

Thanks for the info! I've noted it down and *hopefully* be able to do something about it fairly soon.

*Also*... I am *still* holding out hope that we can get *some* sort of `git together' happening fairly soon. I'd be really nice to be able to associate faces with names. 'Course if one was interested in some `informal' shooting there is always a `space?' open out here on the farm most days of the week depending upon the weather more than anything else. {GRIN!} It isn't all that much but it *is* better than nothing. (Oh, and *any* `pasture poodles' `taken out' are *very* appreciated. {CHORTLE!})

May 30, 2001, 02:36 PM
Down here in Lafayette/Louisville. Would love to do some informal shooting at your farm. Where are you at Halfpint?

May 31, 2001, 05:33 AM

E-mail me and I'll get back to you with the `particulars' of how to both get ahold of me `voice' and directions to the place.

May 31, 2001, 10:33 PM

Ah, the good old days. ;) The Mansion Maul! A hoot!
I tried for this about 1 1/2 years ago & it just didn't fly.

I'm west of Loveland. E-mail's posted. Let's do it.

Steve Smith
June 3, 2001, 08:18 PM
Hey guys, sorry, I've been out of town...I know of a place here in Colorado Springs if you're interested. Otherwise, Denver is fine. Vitiaz, I agree, CRC is awesome! That's where I go to shoot Highpower, along with Buffalo Creek.