View Full Version : Alum Mainspring Housing for Officers 1911 ?

May 9, 2001, 11:29 AM
Does anyone know a manufacturer of aluminum mainspring housings for an Officers model/compact frame 1911? I looked on the Brownells website and could only find them for full size frames.

Ken Cook
May 9, 2001, 05:07 PM
I don't know of an aluminum officer's length msh, but I suspect you could order the plastic one from Kimber.

I have to ask why you want this though?
Maybe it's just personal preference, but I believe that the msh is the LAST place where you would want to reduce weight.

Sure, lighten the slide, but leave the frame heavy, you'll experience less felt recoil that way.

May 10, 2001, 10:38 AM
I am trying to replace the plastic mainspring housing in an aluminum framed pistol so an aluminum mainspring housing seemed like the best solution.

May 10, 2001, 02:56 PM
Strictly as a point of information, and not necessarily a suggestion, I replaced the stock plastic msh from a Colt with a steel one. No problems; very minor fitting required.

Daniel Watters
May 10, 2001, 09:19 PM
Caspian offers aluminum mainspring housings for the Officer's ACP.