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May 8, 2001, 09:06 PM

I went to my buddy's farm near Eau Claire Thursday night.

Saw 7 turkeys in the fields... in the 10 minutes left of shooting time. (I was running late...)

Got up Friday morning, set up decoys 20 yards away... Sat down next to a tree, enjoying the predawn morning air...

Saw a Blur of white... couldn't tell what it was(Dark), until the deer stopped and lifted it's head.( less than 40 yards away...) COOL. Oh, wait... we are turkey hunting.

I called once, no response. Listened to ducks call as they flew to breakfast...

Heard gobbles over the hill....called again... Nothing moving closer.

Time check... 5 45 AM...

I was just starting to think I was going to have to move over the hill, or somewhere... when a crow flew over the woods to the south, Called, and a gobble came from the top of the hill.

OK, I am NOT moving now. Lifted gun, called softly using a box call and a slate.

About two minutes later I saw two heads over the hay, they both had beards. Came straight toward the decoys,
I took the shotgun off safe when the birds were about 60 yards away, the larger one stayed in strut from there to 1 yard away from the decoy. I said PUTT and the smaller bird looked at me, the large one kept strutting.

I said hey (as in "wanna go for a ride in my truck?") and the bigger one finally came out of strut,

And fell like I hit him with a hammer. (12g 3", 2 oz of number 6's actually) the other bird stood there.

Time check 6:22 AM

I walked back up to the house and said I got cold. My buddies wife said she heard the gun, show her the turkey.
She watches kids (Daycare) and they all wanted to see the bird. (bigger than some 3 year kids) I gave them each a feather.

The registration station said 10 inch beard, 21 lbs,
I an certain it was a two year old, but it is my first longbeard, and I didn't get a bird the last two years, so I am pretty happy.

He had a least three broken tailfeathers, and had squared off almost all his wingfeathers. I guess they have been fighting.

Can't wait to go back.


May 9, 2001, 06:48 PM
Nice to hear your hunt was successful. Mine was too. But already read that.

I'm bummed because the season is almost over and I can't sneak away.

The good news is a pastor at my church knows a pastor up in the heaviest turkey population county in the state, Eastern Wash, so I should get a good line on some good spots next season.