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May 5, 2001, 10:03 PM
I recently acquired an "almost like new" Sig 226 in 9mm - along with 5 15 round magazines. As a long time admirer of single stack .45s I'm still coming to grips with the though of needing a box and a half of ammo just to load the magazines!!!

Anyway, after running about 300 rounds through the gun, I can only say - "Great gun!". Accurate, no failures with full power ammo, feeds a variety of ammo types.

My only complaint is that the grips just don't quite fit my hand. It isn't a question of control, or the chubby grip (I like Browning HPs just fine). Mostly my complaint is that when I bring the gun up to eye level, the sights aren't as "on" as they are with 1911s or P-35s. I have an elderly P-220 that I like and it points well for me.

After pulling the grips on the 226 and my 220, I note that the "under cover" mechanical layouts are pretty close.

So, I'm wondering if anyone can point me to any aftermarket grips that would change the feel to more closely approximate the feel of a P-220. I have handled a 226 with the Hogue rubber grips and liked those less than the factory plastic. Mostly I felt they added a tad more bulk to the grip without enhancing the "pointability".

Any suggestions/pointers welcome. This is a fine enough firearm that I want to make it work for me rather than adding it to the short list of "might trade if the right deal came along" guns that I have.

Also, out of idle curiosity, I notice on the current Sig web site the standard capacity mags for the 9mm 226 are shown as 13 rounds rather than the 15 rounders that I currently have. Anyone know the "why" of the change?

May 8, 2001, 01:54 AM
Try some custom fitted wood grips. Try Rosewood if you don't like Wallnut.

The web site thing is a typo.

E. BeauBeaux
May 8, 2001, 01:14 PM
Stay away from Hogue grips as you will find they are larger than the Sig grips. Sig sells a fine checkered wood grip for the 226 and a short trigger for those with smaller hands. The two together would give you the feel you are looking for plus a better looking pistol. Congratulations on getting a fine weapon.

May 9, 2001, 12:22 AM
E. BeauBeaux,

Hogue makes the grips for SIG Arms. If you see a picture of the new P220SS, the factory grip is from Hogue.