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May 4, 2001, 10:22 PM
Does anybody know who makes a mount for attaching a light to a revolver. I have checked Surefire and GG&G, and they do not seem to have anything. I am sure I have seen photos of revolvers so equipped, but I may be confusing that with a laser sight I saw mounted to a trigger guard.

This is for my wife's home defense 686. I do not want her to mistake me or the kids for a bad guy!

May 9, 2001, 10:16 PM
Scott: You have hit upon a big gap in the market. I have often thought of how this is needed, particularly for use on a .44 magnum revolver in grizzly country. If a bear decides to come through the wall of the tent at 3:00 AM, I want to grab something that will give me both light and a weapon.

The same principle applies for home defense. I use a USP .45 with the tac light attached, and it is a great setup. It is far handier than trying to juggle a gun in one hand and a light in the other.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any current revolver/light setups available. I have had the idea that you could have a full underlug drilled to accept a male Weaver scope base, which would allow a 1" light such as the Surefire to be mounted under the barrel in a scope ring. You could then detach the light and leave only the scope mount base on the gun. This would interfere with holstering, however.

Maybe some enterprising soul will read this and design a quick-detachable light mount for wheelguns.
Good Shooting,

May 10, 2001, 11:32 AM
I don't know if these guys are still around but in the late 70s they made and marketed a thick plastic sleeve which fit over the top of the barrel and underneath the ejector rod shroud to hold a 3/4 inch diameter mini-light. The light mounts under the barrel and forward of the trigger guard.

I used it when my duty handgun was a 6" S&W Model 19. It could be quickly snapped on and off, didn't interfere with the revolver's operation or reloading and was stable when the weapon was fired. Since it is small (1.75"x 2.5" x 1") and lightweight I kept it in a uniform pocket as there was no holster made to accomodate it. Though it still fits it's not as tight as it once was, probably due to the flexing of the plastic because of the repeated on-offs.

This was one of those after-market accessories for revolvers that never really caught on, kind of like the manual safety for S&W revolvers.