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April 27, 2001, 12:11 PM
Afternoon folks,

I hope someone can help me out here. I am looking for a holster for my father and a 1911 GM.

Due to certain reasons he cannot wear a belt holster or anything that requires reaching for the pistol around his waist area.

Back in the day he used to have what I guess would be referred to as a shoulder/chest holster. Imagine a strap around your chest with another strap connecting to that chest strap that goes over the left shoulder from the chest to the back (kind of like a belt around your chest with only one suspender on the left side). The holster is located on the left pectoral.

Please hold back on any reasons why you feel that this would not be ideal. He has worn one before on a daily basis and was very comfortable with it. I just need to find a source for this type of holster if there is one out there.

I don't know if this was military issue or something he found over there. It was worn under a button up shirt or jacket.


Jim V
April 27, 2001, 04:44 PM
Might I suggest checking El Paso Saddlery's web site. They a version of the US Military "Tanker's" holster. http://www.epsaddlery.com
1942 Holster
"This tanker style shoulder holster is ideal for hunters, ATV drivers, and helicopter pilots. The pistol remains out of the way when sitting or using a rifle, but is still easily accessible when needed."

Please note that I have not checked their web site as of late but they were in the middle of re-doing it the last time I was there. Their newest print catalog is a thing of beauty.

El Paso Saddlery
2025 Yandell
El Paso, Texas


ADDENDUM The holster is not shown at their web site. The holster they sell is the earlier military shoulder holster, which has the shoulder loop go over the head and rest on the strong side shoulder, there is no chest strap. The later military shoulder holster (M-7) had the chest strap and the shoulder strap rested on the off side shoulder.

I.M.A. has both style holsters in their print ads that appear in both Shotgun News and Gun Lists.
International Military Antiques, Inc.
P.O. Box 256
Millington, NJ



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April 27, 2001, 09:37 PM
You might also try sporting goods/gun stores that handle military surplus. Some years ago I picked up a real nice Enger-Kress leather holster of the type you're looking for.

Like your Dad, I find it very comfortable, if not especially concealable in warmer months. Great range or boondocking holster.