View Full Version : Pistolsmith in Colorado

April 25, 2001, 08:58 PM
Hi, I'm looking for a good pistolsmith in Colorado (I live in Colorado Springs) to do a trigger job on a Ruger P90. Any help appreciated ....

April 30, 2001, 12:41 PM
I live in Denver. What are you looking to have done to your P90 in the way of a trigger job? Lighten the pull, smooth the pull, replace the trigger itself, add a trigger shoe. There are a lot of things to be done on any pistol. Realize that the easiest way to get custom work done on a Ruger pistol is to send it back to Ruger's custom shop.

I stand behind my work, either you are happy with the work done, or you don't pay me. And I don't ask for payment until AFTER you have tried out the custom work I have done to your pistol. That's how I do it. Simple trigger job of just smoothing the action out, I generally charge $50. If you want the pull lightened, I will have to look into replacement springs for the P90. I'd be the first to admit that yours would be the FIRST P90 anyone has ever asked me to work on. I have worked on S&W, 1911, Glock, H&K and Taurus pistols, especially action smoothing or trigger work. I build custom 1911's, and they start at about $1200 and go up. If any of this interests you, contact me.