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Guy L Johnson
April 23, 2001, 12:19 AM
I was at a sale today and the guy had three rifles at a bargain price
and 2 of them fit a category that I collect, those politically incorrect
guns designed to be used by heaven forbid CHILDREN one was a Remigton
Model 33 loads of info available on that one.
Now for the difficult one It is a single shot bolt action the markings
are as follows all directly quoted
ORIGINAL GECO CARBINER MOD.1919 (on top of barrel)
CAL. 6mm GLATY (or GLATT)(on left side of barrel just forward of
The barrel is tapered about 22.75 inches long with an overall length of
40.25 in
weighs about 2lb 3 oz
anyone who can tell me anything about this gun it would be greatly
Guy L Johnson

Art Eatman
April 23, 2001, 09:58 PM
If Harley doesn't spot your post, here, you might re-post in his forum.


April 24, 2001, 03:49 PM
On page 456 of Standard Catalog of Firearms (2000 edition)

Under GECO it says "SEE - Genschow, Gustave Hamburg, Germany"

Under Genschow, G. Hamburg, Germany, it says:

A 6.35mm,7.65mm, .32 long and 8mm Lebel caliber folding trigger double action revolver.

Exc-200 VG-150 Good-100 Fair-75 Poor-50

The thing I find interesting is that I would find a 6mm, a 7.65mm or an 8mm Lebel PISTOL a very intersting design, as unless my memory is failing me, these are ALL RIFLE CARTRIDGES. So, maybe Gustave Genschow made rifles AND pistols and yet they only list the pistol under GECO. I don't know why.

Underneath that it describes the "German Bulldog" pistol in .32, .38 and .45. So, maybe there was a printing error regarding the Geco. Who knows? Perhaps the 2001 Standard Catalog of Firearms would clear this up.

Hope that gives SOME insight.

Mike Irwin
April 24, 2001, 07:35 PM

Sorry, Dude, but your memory is failing you. :)

All of the cartridges described are actually pistol cartridges.

The 6.35 is just the European designation for the .25 ACP.

The 7.65 is the European designation for the .32 ACP.

The .32 Long is more commonly known as the .32 Smith & Wesson Long.

The 8mm Lebel is also the name of a revolver cartridge. While more commonly known as the name for the ammo for French service rifles from 1886 until 1945, the 8mm Lebel revolver cartridge was adopted for use in the 1892 double action revolver.