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Scott Conklin
April 22, 2001, 09:08 AM
I bought a parts set over Ebay(yeah, yeah, just hush) a week ago and it arrived yesterday. Nice bore, everything there but the upper, typical old military gun with no finish left(I like that), worth the $150 I'd say.

Anyway, it's got the 3 position selector, of course, and I flipped it a couple times just seeing what all worked. I flipped it all the way forward then thinking Ahhh, wouldn't Full Auto be nice...and it failed to lock back. If I hold the triger she'll just sit there and rock.

Well, OK, I've never built a FAL before, just getting into 'em, and this is a new one on me. Is it suppose to do this as a semi only gun or did I get a lower that made it into the country as just parts and thus kept its Auto parts? If the latter then will it function as a full auto regardless of the upper I get or is there more to it than just the lower and this sear? Better yet, is it worth anything more because of this? :) Nothings broke I know so...

April 22, 2001, 11:25 AM
No you don't have a full auto FN.A lot more to it then just the switch.The auto switch if auto will have two flats cut on it.
Are you going to build up the kit?If so I recommend getting American Gunsmithing Instutes vidio on the FN FAL.The other place is the FN fal board adn Arizona Response Systems site.
If I can help feel free to email me.

Scott Conklin
April 22, 2001, 11:47 AM
Hmmm, well, it's definitely the auto switch. Now, the other interesting thing about this is that all the parts have matching numbers, including the bolt. Also, I didn't realize the other one I bought, already refinished, came yesterday as well. All matching numbers and the same switch on that one as well. This would indicate that I've got two full auto capable rifles?

So now my question is, considering all I am missing is the upper, should I even have these rifles? Since apparently everything is here I'm wondering if putting them together isn't going to be asking for trouble. I'm assuming the upper itself has little to do with semi/full auto capabilities which would be decided by the parts I already have?

I've got the video you mentioned ordered and waiting for it to arrive before I do anything. I just unloaded all my AR's and went all .308(M14/SAR/FN FAL) and made this interesting discovery; knowing about AR's means absolutely squat when messing with real rifles. Thanks for the boards, too, I'm heading their way now.

April 22, 2001, 01:24 PM
Wrong! You do not have everything you need for a full auto gun. The upper reciever (and the way it is machined) determines that. You can't buy one in this country (since May, 1986). All you have are the remnants of a formerly select fire rifle. Go to http://www.fnfal.com ,hang out there for a while, ask questions, & learn. You can make a lot of contacts there that can either put it together for you or help you accomplish that yourself.

You can build a very nice .308 semi auto only battle rifle with your kit. There are certain parts that have to be replaced with US made equivalents to be legal. That is only because of the law requiring it to be sustantially US made.