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April 22, 2001, 04:01 AM
Here are the candidates:

Auto Ordnance M1927/28 Thompson, .45ACP
USGI M1A1 Thompson, .45ACP
USGI M3/M3A1 Grease Gun, .45ACP
Commonwealth STEN, 9mmP
Nazi MP-38/MP-40, 9mmP
HK MP5 (entire line) 9mmP, .40, 10mm
IMI Uzi (Full size, mini, mirco) 9mmP
Smith & Wesson Model 76, 9mmP, .45ACP
Commonwealth Sterling, all models, 9mmP
ComBloc Shpagin Ppsh-41 "Burp Gun" 7.62x25mm
HK UMP (all models) 9mmP, .40, .45ACP
Ingram MAC-10/11, 9mmP, .380, .45ACP
Calico Submachine Guns 9mmP, .22LR
Izhmash Bizon-2, (Russia). 9x18mm, 9mmP, .380, 7.62x25mm
ComBlock Skorpion VZ-61 .32ACP

Or any others? My personal favorite is the classic Thompson, both the USGI and the "Gangster" versions.

April 22, 2001, 05:45 AM
You left out the Karl Gustav M45 "Swedish K"

April 22, 2001, 08:04 AM
I've got favourites for each of the "generations" of SMGs, and it's too hard to pick just one. Of the ones I've fired, these are my picks:
1st Gen: 1928A1 Thompson (rock steady and a joy to fire)
2nd Gen: MkII Sten (a perfect example of why "gun control" doesn't control guns any more than "heroin control" controls heroin)
3rd Gen: UZI, with the solid stock (very controllable, and reliable to a fault)
4th Gen: MP5 (my favourite is the MP5A3, but just because it looks "neat"; firing it with the stock folded is an exercise in futility)

Rex Feral
April 22, 2001, 09:01 AM
The one I always come back to is the M1A1 Thompson, I am most comfortable with it, having fired more than 5,000 rounds through various M1A1s.

Stylewise I really like the Beretta M12.

April 22, 2001, 12:06 PM
What about the Finns' Jati-matic?

April 22, 2001, 05:49 PM
Too many, depends. Favorite for:

Blasting Fun: Mac10/45 with 50-rnd magazine
Blasting Fun Runner-Up: Swedish K with 71-round drum
Impressing the Girls: 1928 Thompson with 50-round drum
Shooting Quick and Nimble: Sterling L2A3
Shooting in Rolls Royce Mode: Bergmann MP35/I
Shooting in History Channel Mode: MP40

Then there's the other side of the coin, the Most Overrated Subgun. And the clear winner is -- the 1928 Thompson. It's way, way too heavy, and the stock is way too long. If there is any subgun that is ergonomically worse, I haven't found it. The gun is also over-complicated, with its silly Blish lock, oiler, floating firing pin, and a compensator it doesn't need. On the other hand, nothing says "submachine gun" like a 1928 Thompson. Got one, wish I had six just to line up and look at.

James K
April 22, 2001, 05:57 PM
FWIW, my lineup is the same as SDC's. There is nothing like a Thompson 1928, except a 1921. The new "1927" semi auto "Thompson's" are no fun and not well made.


Son of HK
April 23, 2001, 08:33 AM
Greatest subgun of all time? MP5 PDW. Accurate and reliable, also the funnest gun I've ever shot, suppressed or not.

April 24, 2001, 02:23 AM
1928A1 Thompson
M3A3 Grease Gun
Ingram MAC 11

4V50 Gary
April 24, 2001, 10:56 PM
I'll take the MP5 in 40 S&W. More umph than any 9mm, lighter than the venerable Thompson. About the only other one I'll consider over it is the 10mm version, but I haven't fired that one and refrain from any opinions other than it's suppose to be longer range.

April 24, 2001, 11:01 PM
My issue MP5 w/Navy trigger group. Iron sights and white light and nothing else. Super accurate and reliable.

George Helser
April 25, 2001, 02:23 AM
I bought an MP5 when the government decreed there would be no more full auto weapons. I found it interesting to master it. It is a novelty to take friends out to shoot it. However, I find a handgun more challenging and a rifle at 200 yards to be more satisfying.
I do appreciate the government ban since my MP5 is worth a LOT more than I paid for it.

In sunny Arizona

April 26, 2001, 05:57 PM
I'm gonna have to say MP5/10. 9mm works but I'd rather have a bigger bullet, and I just don't like the UMP .45. Even though it's the same weight, it looks a lot bigger. Also another candidate would be an M16 converted to a pistol caliber.